Saturday, February 18, 2012

42 Days Until Wrestlemania 28: Royal Rumble Curse

Wrestlemania 28 is coming up on April 1st2012 in 42 days. We all know the huge main event for the show of shows for World Wrestling Entertainment willfeature the huge battle between JohnCena against the Rock at WWE Wrestlemania 28. There will be many othermatches and no doubt after the Elimination Chamber this Pay Per View, we’llknow what is for certain, after what has been rumored. After this Sunday,Sheamus will talk about who he will challenge at Wrestlemania 28, April 1st2012 in Miami Florida.

Speaking of Sheamus, and theRoyal Rumble victory, let us talk about how winning the Royal Rumble and goingonto Wrestlemania might be more of a curse than a blessing for the champion.

RoyalRumble Victory-Not All Its Cracked Up To Be

TheWWE Royal Rumble, hascaused many top superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment to go ontoWrestlemania and challenge the champion in the main event. Well that was thetheory. And most times the Royal Rumble winner would go onto win thechampionship that he chose to compete against in the main event atWrestlemania. Or at least that is how it was.

2007, Wrestlemania 23, is thelast time the Royal Rumble winner has gone onto Wrestlemania and won the titlehe challenged for, with the Undertaker over Batista. John Cena, Randy Orton,Edge, and Alberto Del Rio, while they all did win belts within a calendar yearof their Royal Rumble victories, Wrestlemania was not their night.

In fact, one must wonder ifwinning the Royal Rumble really does mean much of anything. Given that there isonly going to be a select number of WWE superstarsthat will be deemed to be credible, one must ponder if the Royal Rumble mighthave lost the zing and the zap, especially when the winner doesn’t win thetitle at Wrestlemania.

Last year, the Royal Rumblecredibility perhaps hit its darkest phase, where in Wrestlemania 27, AlbertoDel Rio won the biggest Royal Rumble in history and challenged Edge for theWorld Heavyweight Title in the opening match, the lowest a major championshipmatch has been at Wrestlemania. The fact that Edge’s last match was the openerreally did in fact lead to even more frustration.

This year, Sheamus will challengefor the title. Sheamus against Daniel Bryan seems to be the most obvious routeto go. Remember that match, the match that got bumped off of the Wrestlemaniacard last year and then turned into a dark match battle royal with the GreatKhali winning. Can Sheamus reverse the curse and break the draught of RoyalRumble winners? For five years, no WWERoyal Rumble winners, have successfully challenged for the title atWrestlemania. Again, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, and Alberto Del Rio, theprevious four Royal Rumbles, have had title reigns within the last reign. TheUndertaker was the last man to challenge.

Obviously we know that Sheamus isnot main eventing regardless. The Rockand John Cena takes that one, and then we’ve got the highly likelyUndertaker and Triple H Part III at Wrestlemania. over then and the verypossible CM Punk versus Chris Jericho match. Three matches that will

Can Sheamus reverse the cursewhen he challenges at Wrestlemania 28. We’llfind out before too long.

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