Saturday, March 17, 2012

14 Days Until Wrestlemania 28 Featuring Edge vs. the Undertaker

The clock is ticking down, the sands of time are rolling down that road until Wrestlemania 28. Fourteen days away until April 1st 2012 in Miami Florida, until the show of shows, until Wrestlemania 28, with The Rock taking on John Cena in the main event. Also one on one at Wrestlemania 28, we have the epic encounter, the end of an era match between the Undertaker and Triple H inside Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as the referee. Wrestlemania 28 will be something to remember.

Edge will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. At Wrestlemania 24, he was going to defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a match against the Undertaker. With the Undertaker's famous Wrestlemania winning streak on the line.

The Undertaker vs. Edge at Wrestlemania 28

For the second time, Edge found himself as the Money in the Bank Holder and for the second time, he took advantage of a wounded warrior, this time being the Undertaker. Edge would get injured but would regain the World Heavyweight Championship, aligning himself with Vickie Guerrero for a power trip that would run roughshot over Smackdown. Yet the Undertaker was not going to forget Edge's cashing in the Money in the Bank and he got his World Heavyweight Championship shot, winning the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out 2008, last eliminating Batista.

Edge wanted to do something that no man could do. He wanted to do something that many have failed with, that being beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. And Edge formulated an attempt to go at the Undertaker winning streak. The feud between Edge and the Undertaker in 2008 got mixed reviews, but their Wrestlemania 24 encounter might have been the peak of their feud. Edge had his Rated R Army cohorts Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder in his back pocket, but even then they were not in the end.

The Undertaker tapped Edge in the deadly move, the move that no one seems to have escaped, the Hell's Gate, punishing Edge. Edge struggled but eventually the Undertaker rendered him completely unconscious. The Undertaker remained undefeated, but Edge put in a solid match, that really showed that he could hang with the main event competitors. Nearfall, after nearfall. Edge really was made in many ways, but hanging with the Undertaker can make a superstar into a legend.

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