Saturday, March 24, 2012

Evan Bourne Breaks Foot

Well, talk about a bad break or maybe a lucky break. Evan Bourne, recently off of his sixty day WWE Wellness suspension, breaks his foot in an accident. Of course, the suspicious timing of some of this and the fact that Evan Bourne might have been out with the yearly roster cuts, has gotten people to formulate their own conspiracy theories. Like the question of whether or not Evan Bourne purposely injured himself so he did not get fired?

Granted, none of us can prove that he did. None of us can prove that he did not. But why let a silly little thing like proof stop rampant Internet speculation. I personally think that the timing is rather convenient in some ways. It is not like he was coming back to WWE all that soon and there were rumors that he might get swept right out of the company for their yearly spring roster cuts.

Still speculation aside, what we do know is that Evan Bourne has broken his foot in four places. Just less than a week after his 60 day suspension for the WWE Wellness policy, Which is a really bad misfortune. But given that Evan Bourne was likely either going to up for Strike Three or be fired because of the oh so popular reason of "creative has nothing for him", perhaps that buy him some time and a few more paychecks. Then again WWE has fired people who are hurt in the past but I don't think they can afford to do that with Linda's latest ill fated Senate campaign in the cards.

Still if this is legit, best in luck in the recovery of Evan Bourne.

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