Sunday, March 11, 2012

Five People Who Should Be in the WWE Hall of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame is something that really is just a promotion attraction much like everything else in WWE. There are some big names in the Hall of Fame for sure. And some names where it defies all belief why they are not in.

Five People Who Should Be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Assuming that WWE actually is taking its Hall of Fame seriously, these are five people who should be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Do keep in mind that with some of these people, there are obvious political reasons why these gentlemen are not in the Hall of Fame. But throwing that out of the window, here are five people who should be in but are not inducted.

5) Bob Backlund

Bob Backlund wasn't as bad of a draw as many fans think he was and six years on top as champion has to count for something. And his mid 1990s comeback as the crazed Mr. Backlund makes him equally as worthy. This was one of those politically motivated things where I think Backlund was supposed to be in at one time, but declined because Pete Rose got inducted.

4) Big Van Vader

Vader's WWF run left something to be desired for sure. But in professional wrestling or sports entertainment, there was few monster heels that were feared more than Big Van Vader. Vader was the man in WCW for years and given that he was recently in WWE 12, perhaps the road will be paved. Vader drew all over the world in his prime.

3) Vincent Kennedy McMahon
This one will likely happen when Vince is dead and gone, but let me just put it this way? If there was no Vince McMahon, WWE for better or for worse would not have grown into what it is today. That just just plain and simple bottom line. Vince McMahon being in his Hall of Fame might seem a bit absurd but it makes the most perfect sense.

2) Bruno Sammartino
Bruno lead an interesting career and an interesting life. He was a big name in wrestling for years and years. But bad blood from years ago, whether who is right, who is wrong, it is irrelevant right at the moment. What matters is that Bruno missing from the WWE Hall of Fame is a blind spot.

1) Randy Savage
Yeah, we thought this was going to happen this year. But it didn't happen. Whatever issues there were when Savage was alive and we've all heard the stories and the rumors so no need to bring up what precisely the issue is between Savage and Mr. McMahon, but the fact is that Randy Savage and perhaps Miss Elizabeth as well should be put in the WWE Hall of Fame.

There you go, five people not in the WWE Hall of Fame that should be. There are likely many, many more.

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