Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Randy Orton in Third Marine Film

Obviously because the first two Marine movies were stirring examples of cinematic brilliance. Then again, I personally would rather watch the Marine with John Cena in a never ending loop while being tortured in the depths of hell then watch the Chaperone once and ascend straight up to heaven. Never the less, John Cena was in the first Marine movie, and it was competent. Ted DiBiase was in the second Marine movie and it was forgettable. Now we have Randy Orton in the third Marine movie.

Randy Orton to Star in Third Marine Movie from WWE Films Entitled Marine: Homefront

In the third installment of the Marine films placed out by WWE, Randy Orton will be the latest star. Given Randy Orton's past of going AWOL, this is an intriguing casting choice, but I'm sure WWE had their reasons. Randy Orton's wife  girlfriend daughter will be kidnapped, to drive the main part of this movie. Of course the real question would be if Randy Orton will take this one to the papers if he has to. But only if he has to.

The WWE films are really an interesting vehicle. Got to give World Wrestling Entertainment credit for persistence, even if we have films that are either so bad that they are almost good or so bad that they are bad or so bad that they are awful. Yet, many wrestling fans feel compelled to watch them, because we just love torturing ourselves I think to an extent.

Randy Orton's acting abilities leave a lot to be desired to tell you the truth. But if you go pick up a WWE Film DVD looking for top of the line acting, then you really are barking up the wrong tree. You go to the WWE Film to see the absurdity of the previous effort of the WWE films and amuse yourself for a short time. It is a harmless little rump. Unless it involves Triple H, then you'll be needing his sledgehammer to remove the images from your mind.

Marine: Homefront will begin production in June of this year. Clear some space on your shelf right now for the glory that is to come. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why.

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