Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Days Until Wrestlemania 28

Undertaker week is concluding, with six days and counting until WWE Wrestlemania 28. As we know, we will see the Undertaker do battle with Triple H inside Hell in a Cell April 1st 2012 from Miami, Florida. It will be an end of an era, with Shawn Michaels stepping inside the confines of Hell in a Cell as Special Guest Referee.

To conclude a look at the Undertaker, we are going to take a look at the Batista versus Undertaker match that was set up for Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit on April 1st 2007, where Batista put his World Heavyweight Title on the line against the Undertaker's epic Wrestlemania Winning Streak

The Undertaker versus Batista at Wrestlemania 23 the Title Versus the Streak.

Many people scoffed at the idea that Batista would steal the show at Wrestlemania 23 when he had stated it. Yet, he would be the one who would be having the very last laugh on that night. Then again, after returning from an injury, it took Batista a very long time to get into the groove. Perhaps it was his desire not to get injured again or perhaps it was just good old ring rust, but Batista's return to World Wrestling Entertainment did not lead to much in the ring. He had some rather bland matches with King Booker and some rather disappointing matches with Ken Kennedy.

Things changed with the Undertaker feud. The first hints of this feud occurred right before the 2007 Royal Rumble, where when asked about future title challenges, World Heavyweight Champion Batista stated that it would in fact be something if he had stepped right into the ring with the Undertaker. Indeed, it would be something, it would be something great. The Undertaker triumphed in the 2007 Royal Rumble, last eliminating Shawn Michaels.

The stage was set with Batista taking on the Undertaker, with the World Heavyweight Title against the Winning Streak. This match was placed on the bottom of the card, the third most important match between the Battle of the Billionaires and the WWE Championship match between Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Yet, both the Undertaker and Batista proved that despite being on in the middle of the show, they would steal the show.

Batista was perhaps one of the first real threats to the Undertaker's winning streak, given that he was being pushed right to the moon. Sure the Wrestlemania match with Randy Orton had the Winning Streak as a point but at that point, few expected Orton to win. Batista had doubt and he took it right to the Undertaker. It was moments like this where the Undertaker triumphed. Tombstone Piledriver took down Batista and it was 15-0 for the Undertaker. Batista against the Undertaker would begin a string of show stealing Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania.

Over the next few days, five of the most prominent Wrestlemania matches will be discussed as we conclude Undertaker week.

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