Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wrestlemania 28 Tomorrow

Wrestlemania 28 is tomorrow on April 1st 2012 in Miami and obviously one would have to be living underneath a rock to know that the main event will be the Rock taking on John Cena. Also the Undertaker versus Triple H in the End of the Era Hell in a Cell Match, one on one. Plus the WWE Championship is on the line when CM Punk takes on Chris Jericho and the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Daniel Bryan defends against the 2012 Royal Rumble Winner Sheamus.

To hype up that final dance before Wrestlemania 28 it is only fitting that today's match spotlight is Stone Cold Steve Austin against the Rock at Wrestlemania X-7, the match that ended the Attitude Era for the World Wrestling Federation.

The Rock versus Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania X-7


Two of the biggest stars in the World Wrestling Federation during the Attitude Era were Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. They had epic encounters, but the battle would be joined in Houston on April 1st 2001. The Rock was the defending World Wrestling Federation Champion and Stone Cold Steve Austin was the Royal Rumble Winner who was obsessed with regaining the title, coming off of neck surgery that put him out for the better part of 2000. Things got interesting when Stone Cold Steve Austin's wife Debra was made the Rock's manager by Vince McMahon.

The battle took place and it was a fight. The match was judged as one of the more exciting Wrestlemania main events, but obviously with any great match, it will have it's share of critics. In a match with brawling, Stone Cold Stunners, and Rock Bottoms, Vince McMahon presented himself at ringside and handed Austin a chair, which allowed him to utterly wreck the Rock with a steel chair to get the pin.

The Attitude Era had met its end. There was no turning back, with Stone Cold Steve Austin shaking hands with the evil Mr. McMahon, selling his soul to the devil to regain the World Wrestling Federation Championship. The Attitude Era had come to the end and while the match was great, it began the beginning of a very rough time for the World Wrestling.

Wrestlemania 28 is on April 1st 2012. Will it herald the beginning of a new era? We'll find all too soon.

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