Monday, April 23, 2012

Andy Leavine Released by WWE

Well Tough Enough continues its rather high standards, as the winner of the 2011 Tough Enough Season, Andy Leavine has been released by World Wrestling Entertainment on April 23rd 2012. Obviously Tough Enough has an interesting past in WWE, with not many competitors rather go all that far.

Tough Enough Winner Andy Leavine Released by WWE

The entire Tough Enough has been a bust all across the board. The person out of Tough Enough who got the furthest would have to be the Miz and he was the runner up of Tough Enough. After that John Morrison and while he has had some great matches and moments, really he was kind of a bust all things considered with the potential that he could have had. After that, Maven, who really is only known as winning the First Tough Enough and when he dropkicked the Undertaker out of the ring.

I'll be honest and I rarely saw any Tough Enough this time around. In fact, I rather saw any Tough Enough after the first few episodes of the very first season back in 2001. It just seemed to not connect with it. Some may argue that is a concept that UFC has done better and improved on with their Ultimate Fighter Series.

I have seen some of Andy Leavine on Florida Championship Wrestling or Kevin Hackman as he was called. His matches were below par on that show, with the only competitors being often worse were the rookie divas. Just stop and sit and think about that for a second. His gimmick was he was rather intense.

Andy Leavine is certainly perhaps the bottom of the barrel of Tough Enough winners. Even Linda Miles who was not a great worker in the ring by any means (Jim Cornette had some horror stories to tell on her), actually made television at one point. Leavine had a few lackluster matches in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Given that there seems to be no news about another Tough Enough season, may indicate that it will be a long time if ever before we get another season by WWE.

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