Monday, April 2, 2012

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus Wrestlemania Booking

The booking between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus might have sounded like a cute idea on paper for WWE, as the reported reasoning was to set a brand new record for the fastest title match in Wrestlemania history. Of course, it might have seemed like a good idea on paper, but in practice, it has caused a lot of fans to have a bad taste in their mouth. If it wasn't for the engaging and entertaining battles between the Undertaker versus Triple H and John Cena versus the Rock, there would be a lot more horror.

The Booking Of Daniel Bryan against Sheamus Was a Bad Idea  Will Bite WWE Eventually
In the era of the WWE RAW Supershow, Smackdown is very much a second class brand and also to be honest, must miss television most weeks. Still there were many fans who were looking forward to seeing a great match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

Let me make this perfectly clear, not many are going to quit watching WWE over Sheamus pinning Daniel Bryan in eighteen seconds. Sure many will claim so but what this match does is spawn a great deal of ill-will and really a lot of people don't take WWE Smackdown rather seriously in this day and age. It already had the handicap of being a taped show in the area with internet spoilers being far and wide, but Smackdown has had some engaging periods.

When a show that is pre-taped is also must miss, than that really is not going to be good. WWE Smackdown is must miss television with the RAW Supershows with stars from both brands most weeks and it is also a bit of joke as they had an eighteen second World Heavyweight Title Belt. Of course the lineage of the World Heavyweight Title has not been the strongest, starting with Triple H being handed the belt, but through good booking, solid matches, and engaging personalities, belts can be made something. Through lackluster booking, throwaway or bad matches, and complete afterthoughts, belts can be utterly destroyed.

This booking really make Sheamus look like a cheap shot joke champion right out of the gate. Granted if Sheamus is booked strong, than a lot of that is washed away, but WWE's Even-Steven booking philosophy has been prominent over the the past number of years. So Sheamus won't have a good title reign. Daniel Bryan was booked poorly during his entire reign of Money in the Bank, won the title on a fluke, retained the title on a fluke, yet managed to get over as an engaging and entertaining heel. So he gets destroyed for some attempt to set a record.

Smackdown looks bad because this is the best they had to offer and the new champion beats the old champion with one move. The Royal Rumble looks bad as the winner gets a title shot two years in a row in the opening match at Wrestlemania, although one could argue that the Rumble hasn't really meant all that much in years. And the World Heavyweight Title takes a hit of credibility.

Many tried to discourage those in charge from booking the eighteen second match(planned to be much shorter). Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan had the potential to be the sleeper match of the evening but it was just a joke.

It really is a shame that the WWE machine has brainwashed a lot of their fans into believing that one of the best wrestlers in the world is a useless tool.  We'll find out in the long run how much credibility Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Title, the Royal Rumble, and Smackdown all have in the end.

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