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ROH Showdown in the Sun Day 2 Review

It is time for the recap of the second ROH IPPV of this Wrestlemania weekend, Showdown in the Sun Night 2. Davey Richards puts the ROH Championship on the line against Michael Elgin, Kevin Steen meets Eddie Edwards, Jay Lethal takes on Roderick Strong, The Briscoe Brothers defend the ROH Tag Team Titles against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, and more. Let us try to watch Ring of Honor Showdown in the Sun Day 2 and recap all of the highlights.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Showdown in the Sun Day 2 From Fort Launderdale Florida.

Let us hope for no major production headaches with the audio or I may have to watch this show in “Michael Cole” mode aka on mute. (Note from the Future: Way to Jinx ROH, Matt)

We kick things off with Jimmy Jacobs who last night joined up with Kevin Steen last night, helping him defeat El Generico. His reason was it was purely orgasmic. Makes sense to me. Generico is out and brawly brawl brawl brawl and we have a match tonight.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated El Generico with a roll up

We kick things off with a solid enough opening match, with Jacobs back to his old heelish glory and let’s face it babyface Jimmy Jacobs was about as boring as church. They go for the spike, but this allows Jimmy Jacobs to score with the roll up to get the pin. Solid opener.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Cedric Alexander

Showcase for Ciampa who beats down Alexander for the win and then also beats up Caprice Coleman. It was what it was.

TJ Perkins defeated Fire Ant

Insane fast paced high spot rific match but in a good way I can assure you. The forces of CHIKARA have been taken down, when TJP scores a huge 450 Splash right to score the one, two, three pin on Fire Ant.

The Pay Per View went dead because of a brown out in the arena, right a few minutes into the Adam Cole against Kyle O’Reilly Pay Per View Match. They are still wrestling, trading holds. What a fiasco.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole

I have no idea how the match went other than O’Reilly won. This entire weekend has got to be one of the worst strokes of misfortune for Ring of Honor History. To be fair, power outrages are out of the control of the company but when you deal with outraged fans who paid money on this weekend of shows, logic is not going to be high on the list of things. Pay Per View feed still down throughout this match.

Intermission and the stream appears to have been back.

And after the intermission the next couple of minutes of All Night Express against the Young Bucks happens and down goes the Feed again. This weekend is shaping up to be a bigger trainwreck production wise than some of my reviews. Even if it is out of Ring Of Honor’s control, talk about a trial of errors. To be fair, this did happen to WWE once before where a storm blew out the Pay Per View feed back in 1996, with the In Your House Beware of Dog Pay Per View.

We missed the entire last match, with the live Pay Per View feed returning with Mike Bennett and Maria in the ring. And they make out. Well that’s quite the development to come back to after some dead air. Young Bucks beat the All Night Express when the lights were out.

The Briscoe Brothers defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to retain the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles

We got through an entire match without problems and It was fairly good, although the pacing just seemed a bit off. I don’t know if it was because of the past two matches being cut off that threw me off, but it was good for what it was. The Briscoe Brothers pull out a flash pin with Jay pinning. Then the WGTT beat down the Briscoe Brothers. This feud must continue.

Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards

Back in business with this match, as usual Steen seems to have the most entertaining match of the evening. The finish is really something that might have seemed a little weak to some but I thought the match was a rather solid effort between Kevin Steen and Eddie Edwards, with a small package scoring the win. Yes indeed.

Roderick Strong captured the Ring of Honor Television Championship over Jay Lethal

History was made as Roderick Strong became the second man to hold three championship belts in Ring of Honor. Ciampa interferes, attacking Jay Lethal, which allows Roderick Strong to pick up the win. I was fearing another time limit draw so this match worked.

Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin to retain the Ring of Honor World Championship

I’m in two minds of this match. For one, this was a Davey Richards Ring of Honor Pay Per View Main Event match which I’m rarely fond of at all but on the second thought, it was not the same old Davey Richards main event Pay Per View match, it just seemed fresh with Elgin, so I did enjoy that. Take that how you wish. This was an epic back and forth match, with lots of nearfalls and I think the real reason why this match works is that it really throws the door open to make something out of Michael Elgin should ROH follow up on it. Of course, circumstances indicate that might not be the same but still one of the better Davey Richards matches that I’ve watched in a while and a good show from Elgin. Of course, Richards kind of has to ruin it afterwards by cutting a promo, but barring that, it was a good match.

I think those two last matches were really needed after all of the issues this weekend, so kudos to the performers for stepping up and washing a lot of the bad taste out of the mouth of many of the ROH fans. So what we saw on this show was worth the entire weekend I’m sure, really turning things around. O’Reilly versus Cole and the All Nights against the Bucks wouldn’t have added all that much.

So in the end, the last few matches on this show was a keeper but the weekend has just begun. Oh boy has the weekend just begun because we have Ring of Honor Television in morning and of course that other show…wrestling something or other, something to do with a mania on Sunday.

ROH Showdown in the Sun Day 2 Results
Jimmy Jacobs defeated El Generico
Tommaso Ciampa defeated Cedric Alexander.
TJ Perkins defeated Fire Ant
Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole.
The Young Bucks defeated the All Night Express.
ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoe Brothers defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.
Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards
Roderick Strong defeated Jay Lethal to win the Ring of Honor Television Championship.
Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin to retain the Ring of Honor World Championship.

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