Sunday, April 8, 2012

ROH Wrestling Spoilers 04/28/12

Here are the results from the first set of Ring of Honor Wrestling Tapings from April 7th 2012, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore Maryland. On this show, Roderick Strong was putting the Ring of Honor Television Championship on the line against Adam Cole, among other matches. Spoilers from the Ring of Honor Television Taping from April 7th 2012, airing on April 28th 2012 will be had.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Results 4/28/12

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander picked up the win in the Proving Grounds Match against the Briscoe Brothers when Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team ran in and took out Jay Briscoe, allowing Mark Briscoe to be pinned in the ring of the ring. The C and C Wrestling Factory earn a future ROH Tag Team Championship Match as a result of this win.

Rhino destroys enhancement talent. Truth Martini has signed Rhino for $70,000 and will hopefully put him to good use.

Davey Richards and Kevin Steen for the Ring of Honor Championship at Border Wars is set up, with Steen's only title shot at the Ring of Honor Championship and the piledriver being banned. Also, Jim Cornette made both men sign a liability waiver, saying that if they got injured, it was on them.

Roderick Strong successfully retained his Ring of Honor Television Title against Adam Cole. The Book of Truth was used, allowing Roderick Strong the win.

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