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TNA Lockdown 2012 Review

It is now time to sit down and review TNA Lockdown 2012, the event taking place for TNA Impact Wrestling on April 15th 2012, from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.  The match that is months in the making, for the TNA World Championship, featuring James Storm challenging Bobby Roode for the gold. Plus as always Lethal Lockdown will take place and Jeff Hardy goes one on one with Kurt Angle. It is time to settle down and take a look at TNA Lockdown 2012.

TNA Lockdown 2012 Review 

Well it's that time of the month. No not one, this one and it is time for a TNA Pay Per View. The hype has been good but we will see in a matter of moments if it has lived up to the hype.

Garrett Bischoff, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, and Rob Van Dam defeated Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Gunner, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels in the Lethal Lockdown Match.

We kick things off right with a bang at Lockdown with the Lethal Lockdown match. An odd start to the night, but a welcomed one as this was pretty decent all things considered. Perhaps not the best Lethal Lockdown Match I think that 2006 or 2008 would have the honors right there, but still this was a good encounter. It came down to the two Bischoffs, with Eric caning his son but his arrogance proved to be his doom. Garrett Bischoff nailed Eric with the guitar to pin. As a result, Eric Bischoff cannot use his name on any outside projects.

Samoa Joe and Magnus successfully retained the TNA Tag Team Titles over The Motor City Machine Guns

Best tag team match you'll see outside of Ring of Honor in a regularly televised wrestling promotion. It is not like WWE could drum something like this up. The crowd was rather iffy. I would assume that this feud would continue, because let's face it, what other teams do we have. Snap mare sets up the elbowdrop for the pin, which is a simple but practical finish as always. The Guns will hopefully have their day. 

Devon defeated Robbie E to retain the TNA Television Title

The match got about the time that it warranted for the build, which is little time. Spinebuster by Devon keeps the title. This was a perfectly harmless squash match.

TNA Knockout's Champion Gail Kim retained her title against Velvet Sky

This was not too bad all things considered. It was kind of an enjoyable match when you really think about it. These two women put on a pretty decent match. Madison Rayne interjects herself but this does not play right into the finish. Roll up reversal and Gail Kim hangs onto the title. 

Crimson defeated Matt Morgan

Yeah Crimson is still undefeated. He kind of wins in another fluke way, but now he is now a heel, that is not so bad. He has an undefeated streak that he doesn't really deserve and that is a better dynamic as a heel. Morgan gets tied up and Crimson climbs out for the win.

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage Match

Say what you wish about Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy but when it comes time for them to deliver in the ring they do it in spades. Rather killing themselves for our entertaining. The ending was about what you expected, with Jeff Hardy doing a huge stunt bump with a Swanton Bomb right off of the top of the steel cage for the pin.

ODB and Eric Young kept the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles over Sarita and Rosita

Perfectly acceptable for what it was, that being a bathroom break match. Rosita and Sarita make their attempt to seduce Eric Young but ODB gets fired up and takes down Rosita for the pin.

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm to retain the TNA World Title

This was a good build up, this was a good match, but the finish defied all logical wisdom. One would think that this would be the night where James Storm would have beaten Bobby Roode senseless and won the title. But no, that would make sense, and this is TNA, where we have to be shocking, we have to not do the obvious finish that will send the fans home happy. We have to swerve the people. James Storm hits the Last Call to Bobby Roode, sending him through the cage door for Roode to get the win. That was a bad end to a good match. Roode is still the champion and the cage match on the second biggest Pay Per View of the year is not the blow off.

Overall, a good show but that finish defied conventional logic and sanity.

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