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FCW 05/27/12 Review

Florida Championship Wrestling from May 27th 2012, was headlined by a main event match with the Florida Champion Seth Rollins putting his belt on the line against Bo Rotundo. FCW gives us a chance to look at the future stars of WWE, so let us waste little time and sit down to watch some Florida Championship Wrestling.

Florida Championship Wrestling 5/27/12

First the Results

Florida Championship Wrestling Results 5/27/12

CJ Parker, Jason Jordan, and Mike Dalton defeated Garrett Dylan, Alexander Rusev, and Jiro when Parker pins Dylan.

Leo Kruger makes Aiden English submit to the Sleeperhold.

Kassius Ohno cuts a promo, vowing to knock out Antonio Cesaro at the next opportunity.

Raquel Diaz defeated Paige via disqualification to keep the FCW Divas Title.

Seth Rollins kept the Florida Championship against Bo Rotundo in an intense title match.

Florida Championship Report 5/27/12

Jim Ross and Chris Russo are the commentators, with Seth Rollins defending his FCW Championship against Bo Rotundo. Don't know if its the biggest match in FCW history, like Russo claimed, but we'll go with.

CJ Parker, Mike Dalton, and Jason Jordan defeated Garrett Dylan, Alexander Rusev, and Jiro

Talent scouts for WWE are watching this match and every other match. That really puts over the importance of this show. JR feels sorry for Jiro for being the only one in this match to not have a last name. Six man tag rule applies as this was fairly entertaining if not a bit drawn out. Garrett Dylan is compared to Arn Anderson and yeah, the jury is really out on that one. The comparison to Ricky Morton for Mike Dalton is more apt as sure enough he plays face in peril.

Dalton gets beaten down for a while and hot tag made to CJ Parker who runs wild. The six man tag team match is all breaking down but Parker manages to pull off a rolling reverse cradle to pin Garrett Dylan. The trio of CJ Parker, Jason Jordan, and Mike Dalton, who is in fact a former Florida Heavyweight Champion, get the win on Florida Championship wrestling. The heel trio cannot believe what has happened.

Leo Kruger defeated Aiden English with the Sleeperhold.

Aiden English is 0-2 according to the announcers on Florida Championship Wrestling but things don't appear to improve for him that much as he has a tough challenge against Leo Kruger tonight. Kruger is working his way back up the rankings, as JR suggests that it won't be long before Kruger shows up on RAW or Smackdown. We'll see but Kruger gets the win with the Sleeperhold.

Coming up next, Raquel Diaze defends the FCW Divas Championship against Paige.

Kassius Ohno is out to talk about Antonio Cesaro and how his old friend got here before he got to Florida Championship Wrestling. Ohno says that he was happy for him but he says Cesaro is a coward and a liar due to attacking him behind. Ohno vows to knock Cesaro out, sending him back to Smackdown with two black eyes and a mouth full of broken teeth.

Raquel Diaz retained the FCW Divas Championship over Paige via disqualification due some Eddie Guerrero like tactics

Match was a fair divas match but the finish was a masterstroke. Sofia Cortez slid the chair in for Paige to conspire to defeat Raquel Diaz but Diaz grabs the chair and turns it around, throwing it at Paige and faking a dive for the disqualification. Her father would be proud. Viva La Guerrero, Raquel Diaz keeps her title by lying, cheating, and stealing.

Briley Pierce and Colin Cassady are talking in really bad Italian ascents and talking about newcomers like Bray Wyatt and Kassius Ohno. They'd like to also nail Rob Naylor to the floor because he's so hyper. Yep, that about covers it. What a strange segment. Tommy Rich they aren't.

Seth Rollins defeated Bo Rotundo to retain the Florida Championship

A fun sprint of a championship match, perhaps not a classic, but rather enjoyable. This match had a really big fight feel or at least as big of a fight as you'll get with the most disinterest fans in the world. Rollins kicks out the Spear, Rotundo gets out of the Avada Kedavra and the Curb Stomp, before Rollins hits God's Last Gift to score the pin and retain the Florida Championship. Seth Rollins is still your Florida Champion.

Rollins keeps the title. This week's Florida Championship Wrestling was a great show. So long from the Sunshine State.

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