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Impact Wrestling Review 05/03/12

Impact Wrestling is live, just ten days before TNA Sacrifice, the latest Impact Wrestling Pay Per View. On this show, we'll see the TNA Champion Bobby Roode take on Mr. Anderson. Plus Jeff Hardy meets Rob Van Dam and Alex Silva gets judged on his open fight night performance.  Let's watch Impact Wrestling 5/3/12 and run down the results.

Impact Wrestling Review May 3rd 2012.

We have Ric Flair coming down to the ring. He is ranting and raving, and insane and Flair, and I'm loving it. But there is a dark cloud right over the proceedings, as Hulk Hogan is coming out. Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair is going to happen sooner rather than later. There are so many things that I can say about that fact.

As we come across the 10th Anniversary of TNA. A company that has been around for more years than the original ECW. A company which has a flag ship show that has been around for more years than WCW Nitro. A company which still seems to be in second gear, ready to take that next step to the top, this is the moment, where they are going to go the the promise land, to do a match that hasn't been good since 1994. Granted Hogan and Flair's 1999 feud was actually shockingly well booked up to a point, well at least until Superbrawl IX then it took the turn for the drek.

I think that I think of TNA as the same way that I do NXT right now. No matter what it is, it is a parody of a satire of another parody. There are some good moments, some good matches, but this company just seems to be going back to the same well.

That being said, this opening segment was good, by two masters of their craft, but I don't need to see them wrestle ever again. Flair's a judge for the Gutcheck Challenge, that is the other main point that we should take away from this segment.

Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher have words.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky.

I just had a revelation that Gail Kim likely is not as good in the ring as we think she is. Granted she's better than your average swimsuit model and has somewhat competent skills but she has good matches with good people but the matches she has with others are kind of at the bottom of the list talent wise aren't the worst things in the world, but she can't make chicken salad out of chicken...well you know. Tessmacher does show promise but not the right opponent. Eat Defeat gets the pin. It was fine.

Rob Van Dam out is out. RVD is a good stop gap challenger for Roode so I have no problems with this. Out comes Roode. Back and forth but we have the deal where they pick the opponent tonight. RVD picks Mr. Anderson for Bobby Roode so Roode picks Jeff Hardy for Rob Van Dam. Segment worked well once again, serving the purpose it was intended.

Devon retained the TNA Television Title against Robbie T via disqualification

Pure meh. Devon keeps the title when Robbie E interferes. That feud must continue. Jesus Christ on a Canoe, Robbie E, it's just not working you fifteenth rate Zack Ryder.

The three judges are Ric Flair, Al Snow, and Brother Love(or Bruce Prichard technically), which as I said in the spoilers, sounds like the start of a "[X], [X], and [X] walked into a bar" joke.

They talk about Alex Silva. Sixty three percent of the fans on Twitter have voted him in. Flair is appalled that the fans would get a voice. Prichard seems unsure and Flair, the only one out of these three to actually draw money, granted he spent it all but still, shoots down Silva. Al Snow tries to get them to consider Silva.

Hulk Hogan makes the match between Mr. Anderson and Bobby Roode.

Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy

Eleven years ago, these two men had an awesome series of matches. In 2012, it was merely just fine. RVD wins with some help from Bobby Roode who waffles Jeff Hardy with the belt.

Bully Ray threatens Joseph Park with bodily harm.

After Eric Bischoff's exit from TNA last week is shown, Bully Ray is going to rough up Jeremy Borash but Austin Aries makes the save. We have brawl, with eventually Bully Ray getting the advantage on Aries with a kick right below the belt.

Kaz and Christopher Daniels are backstage talking. Kurt Angle doesn't care about this secret rubbish. Daniels and Kaz will take on Samoa Joe and Magnus for the TNA Tag Team Championship and Kurt Angle will take on AJ Styles as part of Sacrifice.

Bobby Roode speaks of his match with Mr. Anderson later tonight.

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Magnus defeated Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Kurt Angle

It does take a real moron to screw up a six man tag team match and as a result, this match was good, lots of impressive action. Styles gets the pin on Kazarian, putting him down with the Styles Clash.  

Next week either AJ Styles will reveal the secret or Kazarian and Daniels will. The suspense continues to build.

Alex Silva is now on the roster after much deliberation. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that everyone who is in the Open Fight Night is going to end up with a contract. Just a hunch.

Bobby Roode defeated Mr. Anderson in a No Disqualification Match

Main event time on Impact Wrestling,  Not too bad of a match, finish was a cluster as these matches tend to be. Jeff Hardy gets involved, but Anderson lays him out. Roode hits his fisherman suplex for the pin. Roode then destroys Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson with chairs after the fact. Rob Van Dam walks out but gets laid out as well. Bobby Roode stands tall as the triumphant conquering heel.

Not a bad episode for sure.

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