Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lesnar Shows Up at UFC 146

Fans of Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling were both shocked to see former UFC Fighter and current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar in the stands of UFC 146. Naturally this stirred up a slight buzz on the Internet, as Lesnar having retired from the world of MMA and returned to WWE earlier this year. Yet, what is Lesnar's game by showing up to UFC 146?

The game is to get people talking. The worst thing that can happen to a fighter, an entertainer, or a celebrity of any time is for people to forget their name. So when Brock Lesnar appeared in the stands of UFC 146, the name Brock Lesnar, the fighter Brock Lesnar, the WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, was fresh in the minds of fans.

It got people talking about Brock Lesnar on this Sunday morning and in the days to come. Obviously, this was done by design, to further Lesnar's current story arc in WWE. It appears to have worked out in a wonderful way. The former UFC Heavyweight and three time WWE Champion shows up and he gets people talking.

People know that when Brock Lesnar is in town, something is going to go down in other words.

The real test will be what will happen on WWE RAW this Monday. Will the Brock Lesnar situation get further addressed? What step will the saga of Brock Lesnar take in the near future?

It is no secret that Brock Lesnar added a lot of interest to UFC and obviously was a polarizing competitor, as many UFC fans never did like that "fake rassler" trying to step right into their precious sacred community. Yet, he's got people talking again.

Brock Lesnar succeeded.

Will he return to UFC someday?

Anything can happen but it was a rather impressive publicity stunt and people are really buzzing about Brock on this morning after his appearance in the stands of UFC 146.

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