Sunday, May 13, 2012

ROH Border Wars Results

We are live for Ring of Honor Wrestling Border Wars in Toronto Ontario Canada. On this show, we will finally see the long awaited Ring of Honor Championship Match with Kevin Steen challenging the champion Davey Richards. All that and much more. The time for talking is done, it is the time to sit down and watch Ring of Honor Border Wars and run down all of the results.

Ring of Honor Border Wars 5/12/12 Results

Or not watch as it turned out for many people. 

 Well this show was a fiasco. I was about ready to go and order it shortly before it started, but I couldn't get into their website. As it turned out, people who ordered it could not get into the Ring of Honor Website. I'll have more to say about this after I run down the results of what seemed like a mostly solid line up on paper.

Eddie Edwards picked up the win right over Rhino after Truth Martini butchered his interference.

In six man tag team action, the All Night Express of Rhett Titus and Kenny King teamed up with TJ Perkins in a winning effort against the Young Bucks of Matt and Nick Jackson along with Mike Mondo when Rhett Titus hit a 450 Splash to pin Mondo.

Jay Lethal ended the undefeated streak of Tomasso Ciampa with the Lethal Combination.

Lance Storm avenged his loss to Mike Bennett on Showdown in the Sun Night 1 by pinning him after superkicking a chair right in his face.

In a battle between the two young stars of Ring of Honor, Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole.

Roderick Strong successfully retained his Ring of Honor Television Championship against Finlay.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team regained the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship against the Briscoe Brothers of Mark and Jay Briscoe after using an ether soaked rag. Smokey Mountain of Honor indeed.

In the main event, Kevin Steen captured the Ring of Honor World Championship from Davey Richards after a Package Piledriver. The nightmare is over, Davey Richards is no longer the champion, we have a brand new Ring of Honor Champion. At least ROH did this one right.

Now, there were many technical difficulties as Ring of Honor switched right under to their own in house provider. Showdown in the Sun Night 1 and Night 2 had some problems, past ROH IPPVs had some issues. Ring of Honor scapegoated Go Fight Live as those who to fault and left them. Granted I'm sure GFL wasn't perfect, but this Pay Per View really did expose Ring of Honor.

Almost a year after the purchase of Ring of Honor by Sinclair Broadcasting, there have been more than a few problems with the product. Steen winning the title was good but I don't know how they are going to follow it up. Yet an hour into the Pay Per View, many people could not get in to watch it. I had long since given up the idea of watching in.

This night is not going to be good for the future of Ring of Honor. What is worse is that Ring of Honor does not have a scapegoat for it this time that they can blame like they did with Go Fight Live. Running a streaming live show is always a gamble as technology fails but Ring of Honor seems to be inadequate in being able to stream live. Other companies have done it with few problems.

If Ring of Honor dies, you can point to this date to be the point where the spiked ball started to roll to crush the company.

We'll see where Ring of Honor goes from here but while I was lucky enough not to be able to get in to order before the website went wonky, others did order, and missed a good chunk of the show, if not all of it. Those who did see it, said that the quality was good and the action was as well, which makes it seem about a hundred times worse if we missed a bad show.

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