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ROH Wrestling Review 05/19/12

Ring of Honor Wrestling returns on May 19th 2012. In a tag team elimination main event, we will see the Young Bucks taking on The all Night Express. Plus "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards takes on "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and Michael Elgin will be in action. It is now time to watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 5/19/12 and run down all of the results.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Review May 19th 2012

Eddie Edwards and Mike Bennett both have words prior to their one on one match tonight on Ring of Honor Wrestling. A look at the last time they fought with Mike Bennett picking up the win.

Eddie Edwards defeated Mike Bennett

Solid match between these two competitors, as Eddie Edwards evens the score from last time on Ring of Honor Television, scoring a win on Bennett after reversing a cradle. Even the interference of Brutal Bob was not enough.

Yet Brutal Bob has seen enough and attacks Eddie Edwards. YES! Bob leaves Edwards laying. Maria comes in and smack right to the face.

Grizzly Redwood and Kamel Dickinson are out for a match but Truth Martini is out to bring out Michael Elgin

Grizzly Redwood and Kamel Dickinson, then Jay Lethal defeated Michael Elgin via disqualification

Yeah this match was what it was. Dickinson is taken out and then Jay Lethal enters the ring to replace him, which is some how legal. It's wait, this is Ring of Honor, this joke wouldn't be appropriate. Roderick Strong interferes for the disqualification and there is tension between Elgin and Strong. Then Lethal lays out Strong.

Inside Ring of Honor, because of a lack of a Pay Per View to promote, they focus on the recent events between the Young Bucks and the All Night Express.

The All Night Express defeated The Young Bucks

Pretty good main event actually and sensible booking, where Kenny King is eliminated first, leaving Rhett Titus at a two on one disadvantage. Titus fights back, eliminating Nick Jackson and then we have a one on one match, where Rhett Titus scores the pin over Nick Jackson with a DDT. The All Night Express end the feud and hopefully move onto the ROH Tag Team Titles to end the WGTT and Briscoes circle jerk.

A show that is six weeks old so rather canned at this point but never the less, some perfectly acceptable wrestling action.

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