Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWE NXT 05/02/12 Review

It is that time of the week again, to review the latest episode of the show where the fun just never ends. NXT Season 5 Redemption is live for May 2nd 2012, airing on WWE.Com. We have an impressive main event this week, with two rookies, Michael McGillicutty taking on Percy Watson. Plus in tag team action, JTG and Johnny Curtis take on Alex Riley and Tyson Kidd. Time to watch WWE NXT 5/2/12 and review all of the results.

WWE NXT May 2nd 2012 Review

William Regal and Matt Striker are int he ring, welcoming Josh Mathews to NXT. Regal has some new superstars, but he won't say, and they'll be debuting on NXT within the coming weeks. Johnny Curtis and Maxine come out, still handcuffed together, and arguing with each other. They both are not too happy with the situation. JTG is out as well and he's not happy with Regal leaving up off of the show for so long. Regal says that tonight, Curtis and JTG will be in tag team action, against the first two me who come out. Out comes Tyson Kidd, followed by Johnny Curtis. Simple but solid segment to start up the tone and I'm looking forward to what new superstars are coming up from Florida Championship Wrestling.

Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley defeated JTG and Johnny Curtis

Maxine joins William Regal and Josh Mathews for some color commentary. I really thought that this match was a bit too long. Maxine is bemoaning her fate at being handcuffed to Johnny Curtis, saying that they have to go to the bath room together. Yes, they went there. Sadly Tyson Kidd was only in towards the end and the match did kick up when it went into high gear when he entered the ring. Dungeon Lock (that's what Master Regal called it, therefore I shall as well) gets the submission win on JTG. Not the best match but Kidd showed fire as always. 

Michael McGillicutty makes of fun of Percy Watson's tassles. Percy accuses McGillicutty of attacking him. We have a match later tonight between Percy Watson and Michael McGillicutty on WWE NXT.

Recap of Brock Lesnar breaking Triple H's arm with a Kimura from Monday.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are in the crowd, trying to cause a ruckus but Regal puts a stop to this, by causing security to boot them out of the building. Reks and Hawkins are not going quiet.

Alicia Fox offers to make JTG over into a champion. JTG doesn't seem too receptive at first, but he does agree.

Kaitlyn and Derrick Bateman talk about Bateman after five months finally getting his match on Smackdown. Alex Riley is down backstage, holding his knee. McGillicutty is the obvious suspect, but tassels on the floor might point to another suspect. Maybe the Ultimate Warrior is coming back. Or it's Percy Watson being framed. Nah, liked my first theory better.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson

McGillicutty picks up the win. This match got a rather decent amount of time, although I question the wisdom of giving two rookies a fifteen minute match. They would learn better in there against a veteran. Percy's knee was worked over, playing right into the finish, and McGillicutty snaps him down with a neckbreaker for the pin. 

Matt Striker comes out to bring tassels to William Regal. As a result, Percy Watson is suspected of attacking Alex Riley and security needs a few words.

Overall, the usual fun and games on NXT. Solid show for this week, even if there were points where the matches dragged.

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