Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WWE NXT 05/09/12 Review

The show where the fun never ends, we have NXT Season 5 Redemption for May 9th 2012, headlined by Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty taking on Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd. Plus Maxine meets Tamina in Divas Action and JTG steps right into the ring to take on Yoshi Tatsu. It is time to watch WWE NXT 05/09/12 and run down the results for this show.

WWE NXT Review May 9th 2012

 Matt Striker and William Regal are out to start the show. This week, Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis will take on Tyson Kidd and Percy Watson in the match was supposed to happen two weeks ago. Percy Watson has been cleared of suspicion for attacking Alex Riley and McGillicutty has an alibi. William Regal has with the help of John Laurinaitis he has new security guards.

Out comes Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. Regal is really not too really happy but they got jobs after they were fired and it was cleared with Mr. Laurinaitis. They will be the eyes and ears. Regal warns them that they better keep to the straight and narrow. The intrigue continues to build as NXT rolls on.

Maxine defeated Tamina

Maxine acts all nice before the match, meaning she's either trying to get away from Johnny Curtis or potentially has cracked. Curtis is freaked out by this. Divas put on a pretty good effort. Tamina fights out of a standing guillotine choke and goes for the Superfly Splash but Maxine moves and Maxine applies the Dragon Sleeper with a bodyscissors for the tap out. Maxine scores the win on WWE NXT. 

JTG defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Alicia Fox introduces the new look JTG, which amounts to actual gear and a new hair style. Match as it was was pretty decent all things considered. Yoshi Tatsu gets busted right in the mouth, thus we have some blood. The roundhouse kick is missed and JTG hits a wacky twirly move for the pin. JTG picks up the win over Yoshi Tatsu. 

RAW Rebound features Brock Lesnar and Triple H from two weeks ago. Then Paul Heyman reading Lesnar's statement from Monday.

Smiling Maxine is freaking Johnny Curtis out. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks are in the backstage area, claiming that they are in with John Laurinaitis and offers an alliance with Johnny Curtis and Maxine. Hawkins and Reks give them the handcuff key and they are free. And Maxine is back to her normal self.

Kaitlyn and Percy Watson are backstage, with Derrick Bateman coming up, warning Kaitlyn about Percy Watson, saying that she should not trust him. Kaitlyn says that she can protect herself and Bateman has been acting like a jerk since his Smackdown match, as the drama continues to unfold on NXT. Percy walks off and seconds later, Bateman gets attacked. The glasses of Percy Watson is found right on the floor.

Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis

We conclude things with a solid tag team main event on NXT. Tyson Kidd is beaten down right in the corner for a spell but the hot tag is made for Percy Watson, who runs wild in the ring. Percy then slams down Michael McGillicutty to score the pin.

Reks and Hawkins come out, to tell Percy Watson that he needs to come with them. They get a little rough and drag Percy to the back as NXT ends.

Another fun romp this week. The plot continues to thicken on WWE NXT.

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