Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWE Smackdown Spoilers 05/04/12

Here are the spoilers of WWE Smackdown for May 4th 2012. On this episode, we had one more time for the World Heavyweight Title between Daniel Bryan against Sheamus. The road to Over the Limit is rocking and rolling, with WWE Smackdown for May 4th 2012, taped on May 2nd 2012. If you do not want to be spoiled, they don't let the back button kick you on the way out, otherwise enjoy some WWE Smackdown Spoilers for May 4th 2012.

WWE Smackdown Spoilers 5/4/12

The first Daniel Bryan against Sheamus match ended in a no contest, when Alberto Del Rio interfered, attacking Sheamus.

The brand new WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth joined forces to take down the duo of Camacho and Hunico, as Primo and Epico scouted.

Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger, with Dolph Ziggler once again dying for his art with a man sized bump.

Damien Sandow versus Derrick Bateman was supposed to happen, but Sandow refused to compete. Yes, Derrick Bateman finally gets the match he earned back in December for Smackdown, with Ryback destroying Derrick Bateman.

In tag team action, Randy Orton and Big Show teamed up to defeat Kane and the WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes.

Brodus Clay against Jack Swagger was taped for a second time, with Brodus beating Swagger via countout.

WWE Diva's Champion Layla scored the win over Natalya.

Teddy Long was made to rub Antonio Cesaro down with oil.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus hung onto the title against Daniel Bryan.

Those were your WWE Smackdown Spoilers for May 4th 2012, airing at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Sy Fy.

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