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FCW Wrestling 06/03/12 Review

Florida Championship Wrestling from June 3rd 2012 featuring the Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins taking on the FCW 15 Champion Richie Steamboat in the main event. Let' us watch Florida Championship Wrestling 6/3/12, taking a look at the future superstars of the WWE before they get called up to RAW and Smackdown.

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/3/12 Review

First the results

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/3/12 Results

Leo Kruger picked up the win over Jason Jordan.

Dean Ambrose cuts a promo how no one wants to face him and William Regal is ignoring him. Seth Rollins shows up.

Bray Wyatt pinned Jiro.

Kassius Ohno cuts a promo, vowing to win championship gold.

Seth Rollins successfully retained the Florida Championship over the FCW 15 Champion Richie Steamboat. Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose for the Florida Championship is made for two weeks from now.

Now the full report

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/3/12 Report

Bryon Saxton, William Regal, and Antonio Cesaro are on commentary this week, which means no Chris Russo, which means yay. Well on commentary, he's ring announcing on this show. The main event is hyped up with Richie Steamboat versus Seth Rollins. Cesaro is looking forward to seeing both of these men who he doesn't like in Steamboat and Rollins beat up each other. Now that's charming.

Leo Kruger scored the win over Jason Jordan

Well this match just existed to kick things off on Florida Championship Wrestling. It was like a Ring of Honor Main Event Match condensed into a WWE style, where Jordan kept kicking out and kicking out. Then Jordan looked like he might have scored a pin after escaping the sleeperhold but Kruger kicks out and hits a twisting neckbreaker for the pin. The twisting neckbreaker is called the Kruger's End. An odd match, not necessarily bad, but whatever story they told fell flat.

Dean Ambrose is standing by to chat. Ambrose says that he is not dressed to wrestle and they don't see him on the show much any more. No one wants to get within ten feet of Dean Ambrose, no one wants to wrestle him. Its not a bad gig, he still gets paychecks. Ambrose calls himself this generation's verison of, and I quote, Terrible Ted the Wrestling Bear. There's an obscure reference from back in the day. They will get hurt if they step into the ring with Dean Ambrose, no even William Regal, who has been ignoring Ambrose for six months and won't look him in the eye.

Suddenly Seth Rollins appears, saying that a year ago, Ambrose wanted to beat Rollins but now he's obsessed with William Regal. Rollins suggests that Ambrose put his eyes back on the prize and grow a set. That gets a reaction from the fans. Ambrose just walks off without a word. Pretty solid segment in the end.

Some drama with the Divas in the office, leading to Paige taking on Audrey Marie. Summer Rae orders Rob Naylor to clean her office.

Bray Wyatt defeated Jiro

Wyatt cuts a glorious promo about how people will be talking about him five thousand years from now and he starts singing. This gimmick is too epic for WWE. No Eli Cottonwood. Regal says Wyatt gives him the collywobbles. Bray Wyatt beats down Jiro, hitting a running avalanche into the corner, into the waltz, into a kiss to the forehead, into a Flatliner for the win. Bray Wyatt remains undefeated on Florida Championship Wrestling. Wyatt shakes the hand of his downed opponent.

Kassius Ohno is cutting a promo, talking about how he is a man of integrity and honor. He calls Antonio Cesaro a coward, and states that a coward dies a thousand deaths. Ohno vows that anyone would stand in his way will be incinerated. More rhyming which is rather the most dopey part of his promos.

Seth Rollins defeated Richie Steamboat to retain the Florida Heavyweight Championship

Another perfectly acceptable but not blowaway Seth Rollins match for the Florida Championship. Some good action, back and forth, ending with Steamboat nearly winning the title after reversing a Victory Roll. Curb Stomp of doom and Rollins pins Steamboat to keep the Florida Championship.

Dean Ambrose enters the ring to present Rollins with the belt and stare him down. Rollins holds up the belt and we have one more round of Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose for the Florida Championship in two weeks. I'm okay with this.

Another solid show. So long from the Sunshine State.

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