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Impact Wrestling 06/14/12 Review

Impact Wrestling for June 14th 2012 features Bobby Roode putting the TNA World Title on the line against Mr. Anderson. Plus the Bound for Glory Series returns and Sting has some words for the TNA fans. It is now time to watch Impact Wrestling 6/14/12.

Impact Wrestling 6/14/12

Here are the results for Impact Wrestling on June 14th 2012.

Impact Wrestling Results 6/14/12

Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Zema Ion to retain the TNA X-Division Title in an Ultimate X-Match. Hulk Hogan comes out and offers Aries a TNA World Title Match at Destination X, but only if he gives up the X-Division Title.

Devon pinned Hernandez with the spinebuster of doom to keep the TNA Television Title.

James Storm won the first match in the Bound for Glory Series, an eleven man gauntlet match to gain twenty points eliminating Samoa Joe.

Brooke Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne.

Bobby Roode made Mr. Anderson tap out to the Cross-Face Submission Hold to retain the TNA World Title.

Sting was attacked by masked men.

Impact Wrestling Report 6/14/12

Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Zema Ion to retain the TNA X-Division Title in an Ultimate X Match

Now, this is what TNA should have been doing years ago, grab the fans by the throat with a good match to kick things off and to just blow them away. Granted, one could argue the sense of an Ultimate X Match but you know what, I enjoyed this match, lots of great action. Ion is foiled after nearly winning and Aries nails him with the brain buster for the pin.

Austin Aries cuts a promo, talking about no matter how good he done, he wants even more. Hulk hogan is out, giving Aries a TNA World Title Match against the champion. Hulk Hogan puts over Austin Aries, a statement that I never thought I'd write in a million years, calling him exciting. He has to give the TNA X-Division Title, because someone cannot hold more than one belt. Yeah, whatever, I'm sure that's been contradicted somewhere but it's Austin Aries against the champion for the TNA World Championship, should Aries choose to relinquish the X-Division Title. Hogan gives Aries a week. Awesome segment.

Joseph Park, Esquire fresh off of his epic Figure Four Daily interview is in catering. Bully Ray appears and is not a happy camper, wanting Abyss.

Devon defeated Hernandez to retain the TNA Television Title.

Hernandez beat Kid Kash last Sunday so he gets a title shot. Logic, perhaps, maybe. Hernandez hits a man sized dive to kick this one off. Actually good to see Devon against someone not named Robbie E, with Hernandez maybe being a half of a step up. Spinebuster pins Hernandez to get the win.

Dixie Carter and AJ Styles have an argument, with AJ saying that the secret needs to come back.

And the Bound for Glory Series will happen again. 10 points for submission victory, pinfall victory will be seven points, countout victory 5 points, disqualification win three points, a draw is two mores, and if you get yourself disqualified negative ten points. Ah yes the very thing that caused me last year to nerd rage and refuse to watch TNA for two months. Hopefully it will be better structured.

We start with a gauntlet match with eleven of the the twelve guys, winner getting twenty points.

James Storm won the Bound for Glory Gauntlet Match to Gain Twenty Points

Our contestants for the 2012 Bound for Glory Tournament are, in order of entry, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Magnus, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, D'Angelo Dinero, Robbie E(why?), Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and James Storm. Loser of the World Title Match will be the twelfth contender. Good stuff, with James Storm and Samoa Joe, who hopefully will not end the tournament with negative points last year, as the final two. Little back and forth and Storm superkicks Joe out. If anyone but James Storm wins the entire series, I'll be shocked. And hey, Pope's back.

James Storm cuts a promo, saying that he's back to win the Bound for Glory Series and get a shot at the TNA Championship. Bobby Roode responds that Storm is jealous of his success and if he wins, Roode will just beat him again. We'll see where this goes.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles iron out their differences. For now at least.

Brooke Tessmacher pinned Madison Rayne

Yeah not too bad, and it was short, with Tessmacher scoring the win over Rayne. Not that much to say really.

Brooke Hogan gives Gail Kim the night off due to her protesting.

Bobby Roode pinned Mr. Anderson with the Cross-Face Submission

Your main event tonight on Impact Wrestling and it was a solid one to say the very least. Anderson looked decent and Roode once again delivered in the ring. Roode after some back and forth, locks on the cross-face to trap Mr. Anderson and tap him out to retain the TNA Championship.

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter come clean.

Sting was announced as going into the TNA Hall of Fame at Slammiversary.

Hype for Open Fight Night Next Week.

Sting is out, to thank the fans and talk about his spot in the TNA Hall of Fame, but after he's done, three men in masks attack Sting and choke him down. It's either the ninjas who kidnapped Samoa Joe or Muhammed Hassan's masked terrorists from 2005. With that the show ends.

Good show even if the ending was kind of bizarre  

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