Thursday, June 21, 2012

NXT No Longer on WWE.Com

I'm sure about five or so of you are wondering where the report of the all new NXT is. Well as it turns out, last week, NXT Season 5 Redemption concluded after it had limped along for a few weeks with lame duck shows. Apparently the plan was to keep waiting it out for a US Television deal or make it exclusive to the WWE Network, which appears to be no closer getting off the ground than it was when it was announced. Then the idea was changed and apparently the show was going to air overseas and on WWE.Com.

Then plans appeared to be altered yet again, when NXT just disappeared from WWE website. Fans in the United States, many of whom were excited to see some fresh faces, had their hopes dashed when there appeared to be no legal way to watch the show. WWE gave them a taste on the latest online version of NXT, and pulled it out from underneath them just hours before it was going to air.

I'm sure someone overseas will upload the episode. It will find its way onto the expected places before too long. Apparently it has aired, as people have seen WWE NXT 6/20/12 in Australia at the very least. I'd really like to see it as well, just to see some of the people from FCW in front of fans who actually seem like they give a toss.

So yeah, hopefully it will be up before too long and I can review that. Also hopefully FCW from this week with the big Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose match for the Florida Championship will find itself online. Two shows that I'm looking forward to but sadly have no way to see right at the moment.

Why must you tease me WWE? It is likely to be the best show of the week too, because RAW sure as hell isn't doing it and Smackdown, I can't even bother to watch anymore. Superstars has been a mixed bag as of late too.  

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