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ROH Wrestling 06/02/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 2nd 2012 featured the first words from the brand new Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen. Plus the All Night Express takes on Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in tag team competition. Tommaso Ciampa is in action and Adam Cole takes on Mike Mondo. Let's not waste any time, lets sit back and watch some Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/3/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/3/12 Review

First the results for Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 3rd 2012.

Ring of Honor Results 6/3/12

Adam Cole defeated Mike Mondo

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Nick Westgate.

The All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman.

Kevin Steen and Davey Richards is made for the ROH Championship at Best in the World

Ring of Honor Report 6/3/12

We will hear from the brand new ROH Champion Kevin Steen, who won the ROH World Championship from Davey Richards at Border Wars along with his next challenger.

Adam Cole and Mike Mondo both have brief words leading to their next match.

Adam Cole defeated Mike Mondo

Adam Cole should be an official top line ROH Superstar before the end of the year, providing this company doesn't screw him up. He has a good match with Mondo never the less and nice back and forth action, with Cole eventually getting the pin. Good opening match to kick off Ring of Honor Wrestling for this week.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Nick Westgate.

I love the smell of squash in the morning. Ciampa annihilates Westgate with knees knocking him out. He may not be undefeated anymore but Ciampa is brutal as ever. Of course the true mark of an undefeated streak is where to go after it and if the wrestler does not fade into obscurity like Glacier or Tatanka when their undefeated streak is ended.

Inside Ring of Honor. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team talk about their victory against the Briscoe Brothers and their potential match with the All Night Express. Jay Lethal has beaten Ciampa but he wants a shot at Roderick Strong. Hell yeah, Finlay! Fit Finlay will put Michael Elgin to the test.

And next week we have Davey Richards against Eddie Edwards. Groan, sigh, groan. Edwards promises victory and promises to put away Richards quickly. If only, because that match might actually be decent if it ends quickly.

The All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman.

Awesome tag team wrestling main event here on Ring of Honor Wrestling, as the All Night Express are looking for a ROH Tag Team Title Shot but don't count out Coleman and Alexander. Lots of great tag team action but the ANX eventually score the win, using the One Night Night Stand to score the pin on Cedric Alexander.

Kevin Kelly is in the ring to introduce the brand new Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen, who is out with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Corino kicks Kelly out to do the interview. Steen talks about how he vowed to win the title, he won't waste his time doing Jiujitsu, and he'll represent the company. Out comes Jim Cornette, and then out comes Davey Richards. Steen tries to stir up problems between Cornette and Davey but the match is made for Best in the World, with Davey Richards against Kevin Steen for the Ring of Honor Championship. This time, if Davey doesn't win, no more title shots against Steen as champion. Steen was good in this segment and Richards was tolerable, so this one worked.

A solid Ring of Honor Wrestling show this week, leading up to Best in the World.

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