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ROH Wrestling 06/09/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 9th 2012, featured the main event featuring two men who know each other very well, with "The American Wolf" Davey Richards squaring off with "Diehard" Eddie Edwards. Plus "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin takes on Matt Taven and all of the news leading into Best of the World. Let us sit down and watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/9/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/9/12

First the results for Ring of Honor Wrestling on June 9th 2012.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/9/12 Results

Michael Elgin scored the win over Matt Taven.

Eddie Edwards picked up the win over Davey Richards.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/9/12 Report

Recap of last week's episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling, setting up the return match from the ROH Champion Kevin Steen against Davey Richards at Best in the World.

Michael Elgin pinned Matt Taven

Showcase match between Michael Elgin and Matt Taven right now. Elgin really is solid and continues to improve. I'd like to see an Elgin against Kevin Steen match at this point, just two big guys beating the ever living snot out of each other. Elgin picks up the win with his huge spinning slam, which was preceded with a power bomb into the buckles.

Eddie Edwards hyped up a match with Davey Richards for later tonight.

We take a look at the dubious things Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have done in their pursuit of winning the Ring of Honor Championship. Then Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team make their way to the ring, but out comes Rhett Titus and Kenny King, making their way down to the ring. ANX call out WGTT for doing the same thing for the past ten years. Well technically speaking they've only been a team for nine years. All Night Express beat up Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

Inside Ring of Honor features Jay Briscoe talking about his upcoming match with Charlie Haas, next week Tommaso Ciampa takes on Roderick Strong for the Ring of Honor Television Title, and we're going to have Kyle O' Reilly against Adam Cole in a rematch of the match that didn't really get shown during the love showing of Showdown in the Sun Night 2.

Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards

Yawn, this match again. Wasn't too bad, but it does seem to get worse although it might have been slightly better than the Final Battle match. The golden standard between these two were the Television Title Match on HD Net. Standard move fest between these two and Edwards pulls out the win, much to the frustration of Davey Richards.

Kind of a bland Ring of Honor show this week but they cannot all be winners.  

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