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ROH Wrestling 06/16/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling on June 16th 2012 features Roderick Strong defending his Ring of Honor Television Championship against Tommaso Ciampa. Plus Mike Bennett and the Briscoe Brothers are in action. Let us watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/16/12 on Sinclair Broadcasting and see the highlights that went down.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/16/12

Firs the results for this week's Ring of Honor Wrestling on June 16th 2012.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/16/12 Results

Mike Bennett defeated Adam Page. After the fact, a match is made between Eddie Edwards and Brutal Bob for next week.

The Briscoe Brothers defeated Sam Shaw and QT Marshall.

Ring of Honor Television Champion Roderick Strong defeated Tommaso Ciampa via disqualification.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/16/12 Report

We open up the show with a recap of last week's latest match between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards that ended in controversy.

Mike Bennett scored the win over Adam Page

The Prodigy is highlighted. Obviously someone that a few Ring of Honor fans have a problem with, but if they don't get why Mike Bennett is the perfect heel for Ring of Honor, then they don't get wrestling at its fundamental best. Adam Page gets too much offense, but that's par for the course for this company. TKO gets the pin.

Beatdown with Mike Bennett, Brutal Bob, and Maria on the ham-en-egger, but out comes Eddie Edwards to make the save. Some back and forth leads to a match being made next week on Ring of Honor Wrestling between Brutal Bob and Eddie Edwards.

Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino are out. Next week we will have Jacobs and Steen against Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly. Also, Steen wants to make the match at Best in the World, a No Disqualification Match.

The Briscoe Brothers defeated Sam Shaw and QT Marshall

Welcome to Ring of Honor, boys. The Briscoe Brothers have a fun squash match, where they beat up and batter these two punks. A fun squash match, with the Briscoe Brothers picking up the win with the Doomsday Device. Been a while since we've seen the Briscoes batter some punks, so I enjoyed this match.

Truth Martini is out, to challenge the Briscoe Brothers to face his Guardians of Truth, so the Briscoes accept. We don't know who the Guardians of Truth are.

The Embassy are backstage to talk about the main event.

Inside Ring of Honor, Finlay is ready for Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal wants the ROH Television Title Match, and Davey Richards vows revenge.

Roderick Strong is not happy about his Television Title defense.

Roderick Strong retained the ROH Television Title over Tommaso Ciampa via disqualification

Um, yeah this match, was not bad by any means, but I just wonder who thought this was a good idea. Obviously they didn't want to have Ciampa lose again, but Strong really could not lose either, so they ended this one with a disqualification finish when Prince Nana interfered. I think that Strong can be good if he has someone in there that is great, but Ciampa is not this guy.

Decent show but not the best for Ring of Honor Wrestling this week.  

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