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ROH Wrestling 06/23/12 Review

Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 23rd 2012, takes place on Best in the World 2012 weekend, and features Kyle O'Reilly and Davey Richards taking on Jimmy Jacobs and the Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen. Plus Eddie Edwards takes on Brutal Bob and Jay Lethal is in action. Let us watch some Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/23/12 and take a look at all of the action.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/23/12

First, it is now time to run down the results for Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 23rd 2012.

Eddie Edwards scored the win over Brutal Bob. After the match, Mike Bennett and Brutal Bob beat down Eddie Edwards until Homicide made the save and then promptly turned on Eddie Edwards to set up their match.

Jay Lethal pinned Chris Silvio with the Lethal Injection

Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs battled Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly to a no contest.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Report 6/23/12

Recap of last week's events setting up Brutal Bob against Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards defeated Brutal Bob

Eddie Edwards handily takes care of Bob, with Bob getting in some token offense but Edwards managed to pick up the win with a roll up. Fair enough match I guess to kick things off on Ring of Honor Wrestling for June 23rd 2012.

After the match, Eddie Edwards is beaten down two on one by Brutal Bob and Mike Bennett. Then Homicide rushes out, making his return to ROH and makes the save. Then promptly lays out Eddie Edwards with a Cop Killa. So there's that match set up twenty four hours before the Pay Per View if you're just watching television.

Hype for the Triple Threat Match between Jay Lethal, Roderck Strong, and Tommaso Ciampa for the Ring of Honor Television Title at Best in the World 2012.

Jay Lethal pinned Chris Silvio

Pretty good match but this is a backdrop for some drama with the Embassy and Truth Martini. And really in the end, that was very TNA of Ring of Honor to use a match to set up an angle. After some action, Lethal hits the Lethal Injection to score the win leading into his Television Title Match.

Three way brawl between Strong, Ciampa, and Lethal. Three way Television Title Match at Best in the World 2012.

Inside Ring of Honor Time. The Guardians of Truth are coming for the Briscoes. Jim Cornette confirms the Package Piledriver is legal but if Richards can't get the job done, he'll find a suitable replacement. Kevin Steen vows to be a more fighting champion than Davey Richards.

Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly talk about Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs.

Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly battled Jimmy Jacobs and the ROH World Champion Kevin Steen to a no contest

Solid tag team main event to leading into Best of the World 2012, with the Ring of Honor Championship match between Davey Richards against Kevin Steen. Standard tag team match but descends right into a chaotic brawl. That fact I approve of. Everyone is brawling and the match is thrown out.

Solid go home show for Best in the World 2012.  

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