Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smackdown House Show 06/09/12 Results

The superstars of the WWE Smackdown were live and in living color on Salisbury Maryland on June 9th 2012. In a battle between two of the toughest competitors on Smackdown, Sheamus puts the World Heavyweight Title on the line inside the confines of a steel cage against Kane. Let's run down the WWE Smackdown House Show Results from Salisbury Maryland on June 9th 2012.

WWE Smackdown House Show Results Salisbury Maryland 6/9/12

Talk about working with a b show crew for this house show.

The Uso Brothers picked up the win in tag team action over Titus O'Neil and Darren Young

Big E. Langston scored the win over Heath Slater.

Alberto Del Rio is hurt with a concussion. The injury is so bad that he might miss No Way Out but we'll see. The winner of Kane against Great Khali on this house show was announced to fight Sheamus for the title in a steel cage match.

Tyson Kidd scored the win over Drew McIntyre.

Ryback rolled right over Johnny Curtis. Then Jinder Mahal comes out and Ryback beats him up as well. This I approve of.

Kane scores the win over the Great Khali to earn a World Heavyweight Title Shot.

Tamina won her match over Natalya with Alicia Fox as the special guest referee.

Sin Cara picked up the win over Hunico.

In the main event, Sheamus successfully retained the World Heavyweight Title against Kane in a Steel Cage Match.

Despite the lower end of the roster, seems like a pretty solid show.  

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