Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WWE NXT 06/06/12 Review

WWE NXT on June 6th 2012 was headlined by tag team action, featuring Heath Slater and Johnny Curtis doing battle with the team of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Plus Tyler Reks takes on Jey Uso, JTG takes on Percy Watson, and Natalya battles Tamina in a match between two second generation divas. The next breakout WWE Superstar may be found as we watch WWE NXT 6/6/12.

WWE NXT 06/06/12

WWE NXT 06/06/12 Results

First running down the results of WWE NXT for June 6th 2012.

Tyler Reks pins Jey Uso with a power bomb turned into a DDT.

Percy Watson picked up the win over JTG with the fireman's carry flapjack.

Tamina triumphs over Natalya with the Superfly Splash.

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated Heath Slater and Johnny Curtis

WWE NXT 06/06/12 Report

Now, your feature presentation, the latest episode of NXT Season 5 Redemption, fifteen months running and strong.

Tyler Reks pinned Jey Uso

We've seen the Usos against Reks and Hawkins many times throughout Season 5 of WWE NXT, so the next obvious step would be a one on one battle. Which we got and it was a perfectly acceptable opening bout. A little back and forth action, with Reks picking up the win over crotching Jey on the top rope. Power bomb right into a DDT is the final move and Tyler Reks pulls off an important win.

We have hype for the huge tag team main event with Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel taking on Heath Slater and Johnny Curtis. Up next, two hungry young superstars collide, with Percy Watson going against JTG.

Percy Watson pinned JTG

This match simply just existed as far as I could tell. An extended JTG heat segment does not make a good match. Percy fights back after twelve years and hits the Persucution for the pin. The new and improved JTG is 1-3. Perhaps clothes don't make the man.

Tamina pinned Natalya with the Superfly Splash

Natalya has new ring gear in this battle of second generation WWE divas. Match was a few notches above your usual WWE divas match. Which might be faint praise but seriously it is not too bad. They get some time, with Tamina avoiding the Sharpshooter. Samoan Drop sets up Natalya for the Superfly Splash to get the pin.

RAW Rebound featuring what happened between Michael Cole and John Cena.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater and Johnny Curtis

Fun high flying action and double teams by Kidd and Gabriel start the tone for the early part of this match. Tyson Kidd is trapped in the ring with some prime double teaming until the hot tag is made by Justin Gabriel. Gabriel runs wild and knocks Slater and Curtis around. Modified Hart Attack, using a blockbuster off of the second rope instead of a clothesline gets the pin.

Gabriel and Kidd celebrate the victory after a good match as NXT closes out.

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