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WWE RAW 06/04/12 Review

It is that time of the week, for WWE RAW airing on June 4th 2012. Tonight in the main event we will see Michael Cole go against John Cena. Plus the WWE Champion CM Punk goes one on one against Kane one more time. Let's not waste any time, it is time to get down and watch WWE RAW for June 4th 2012. 

WWE RAW 6/4/12

First the results

WWE RAW Results 6/4/12

John Cena challenges John Laurinaitis to a match but Johnny is retired after Over the Limit, so he challenges Michael Cole to a match later tonight. Cole had been mocking John Cena and he tried to backtrack .

The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus scored the win over Dolph Ziggler. Alberto Del Rio attacked Sheamus after the fact.

Vince McMahon will be returning next week to give John Laurinaitis a job evaulation.

Sin Cara scored the win over Hunico.

Ryback squashed Arthur Rosenberg and Stan Stansky

Kane scores the pin over CM Punk.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks.

John Cena defeated Tensai

John Cena defeated Michael Cole.

Now the RAW Report

WWE RAW Report 6/4/12

Michael Cole starts out RAW, so already this show is not off on the right foot. He calls out John Cena for an interview, saying that the Big Show did what he had to do and Michael Cole calls John Cena overrated. So WWE actually is trying to make us like John Cena by making Cole be his usual obnoxious self. Cole hopes Show beats Cena. Here's Johnny! Johnny offers Cena a match against anyone and before Cena can challenge John Laurinaitis to a match, Johnny Boy says he retired. So Cena challenges Michael Cole. Wow, no words for this one. The match is on, Cole against Cena. WWE just stopped trying this week.

Sheamus pinned Dolph Ziggler with the Brogue Kick

Good opening match to kick things off this week on WWE RAW, although once again, Dolph Ziggler loses. He puts in a good performance but he loses. Brogue Kick gets the pin. Ziggler is that awesome guy who takes big bumps and loses. He doesn't appear to be much more than that.

Alberto Del Rio runs in and attacks Sheamus, with the help of Ricardo, using the Cross Armbreaker with help of the WWE Logo. Sheamus is now hurt.

David Otunga informs us and John Laurinaitis that Vince McMahon will be returning next week to evaluate the job of John Laurinaitis. Yeah I'd be more excited about this one but I'm kind of not.

Sin Cara defeated Hunico

Sin Cara is back in action and fights his former evil doppleganger in what amount to a throwaway match. Sin Cara picks up the win with the headscissors face plant. Putting Sin Cara on the live show is always an adventure.

Ryback squashed Arthur Rosenberg and Stan Stansky

You know the drill by now, boys and girls.

Daniel Bryan has some good old interaction with the crowd, that amounts to some yeses being delivered.

Kane defeated CM Punk

Pretty decent encounter between two thirds of the Triple Threat Match. Daniel Bryan gets involved, then AJ gets involved, and this leads to some fun and games, which ends with Kane choke slamming CM Punk to score the pin. A.J. and Kane share a look. Ah, I didn't know WWE was trying their hands in writing crack fan fiction. A.J. is all crazy and stuff.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

Reks and Hawkins are actually featured on WWE RAW. They job and it is a showcase for the WWE Tag Team Champions. Kofi Kingston scores the pin with the Trouble in Paradise.

John Cena will get his match with Michael Cole, providing he gets by a tune up match for Tensai.

John Cena defeated Tensai

Some old business is taken care of as Cena gets his win back against Tensai from April 18th 2012, before Tensai is sent back to Superstars. A failed experiment but what do you expect, given the way WWE handled Tensai. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment to score the pin on Tensai thus leading to another match.

John Cena defeated Michael Cole

"Comedy" match. BBQ sauce is involved in this match. Tensai interferes in this match and Cole tries to use a fire extiguisher, but Cena voids it and Attitude Adjustment. John Cena has defied the odds and defeated Michael Cole!

Er, that's it.

What a blistering failure of a show.

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