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FCW 07/15/12 Review

Florida Championship Wrestling was the series finale of the show, the final broadcast of Florida Championship Wrestling airing on July 15th 2012 and headlined by the return match six months in the making between William Regal and Dean Ambrose. One more time, one last time, let's

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/15/12

First the results of Florida Championship Wrestling 7/15/12.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/15/12 Results

Jake Carter and Corey Graves retained the FCW Tag Team Titles over Mike Dalton and CJ Parker

Audrey Marie pinned Paige.

Dean Ambrose defeated William Regal via referee stoppage from blood loss.

Florida Championship Wrestling 7/15/12 Review

Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes are your commentators, which is awesome. Dusty calls William Regal "Steven Regal" but given that he's Dusty, all is forgiven.

FCW Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves defeated Mike Dalton and CJ Parker

My entire attention was mostly focused on Dusty's commentary during this match. The match as it was, perfectly accepted tag team action but really not the best in the world. Dalton is beaten down but hot tag. Parker runs wild but Dalton is tied in the Tree of Woe allowing Carter and Graves to pull out a double team move for the win. The FCW Tag Team Champions retain.

Audrey Marie defeated Paige in a No Disqualification Match

This was quite the battle and quite the commentary as well. Dusty Rhodes and Jim Ross riffed on the fact that you can't stay strap or belt. The chances of Vince McMahon watching this show is up there with the chances of world peace, so really yeah. Paige gets a chair but Audrey steps on it to block it. DDT gets the win and a good match.

Dean Ambrose defeated William Regal due to blood loss stoppage.

Normally I would be a bit agitated because of a finish like this but you know what, it played perfectly. It was brutal and Ambrose kneed Regal's head into the exposed buckle over and over again. Regal fights back, no quit in him but Ambrose keeps beating in Regal's head and medics and referees come in. Regal gets in a shot but he's lost too much blood, due to Ambrose brutally beating his ear until it bleeds so the match is stopped. The fans boo at this, showing the most life the FCW arena has ever had.

Ambrose has lost his mind, beating other wrestlers who entered and Ambrose beats up Regal some more. Ambrose nails him with the Knee Trembler and here comes everyone, to put down Ambrose like a mad dog. Regal has been left in a pool of his own blood, as Ambrose might have brought the career of William Regal.

Well that was the end. For one last night, so long from the Sunshine State.

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