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WWE NXT 07/11/12 Review

WWE NXT for July 11th 2012 features the Usos taking on the Prime Time Players in the main event. Plus, Camacho takes on Tyson Kidd and Bray Wyatt steps into the ring with Aiden English. Let's watch WWE NXT 07/11/12, and run down all of the actions.

WWE NXT 7/11/12

First results for WWE NXT for July 11th 2012.

WWE NXT 7/11/12 Results

Camacho pinned Tyson Kidd with help from Michael McGillicutty.

Bray Wyatt defeated Aiden English.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young defeated the Usos.

WWE NXT 7/11/12 Report

Bryon Saxton and William Regal are your commentators this evening, hyping up the main event of the Usos of Jimmy and Jey taking on Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players.

Camacho pinned Tyson Kidd with some interference from Michael McGillicutty

I think it is safe to say that Camacho can be added to the list who have had the best match of their career with Tyson Kidd. Hunico is sent right to the back and Camacho beats on Tyson Kidd for a while. Nice double underhook superplex but Tyson Kidd fights back. Michael McGillicutty is out to distract Tyson, as their issues from Season 5 are not yet resolved and Camacho hits a DDT for the pin. Pretty good match to open up NXT this week with Camacho picking up the win.

Bray Wyatt vignette, who is sadly out for six months after all of his taped matches air. But he's debuting next on NXT.

Matt Striker interviews Justin Gabriel about his recent injury and recovery. He wants to get back in the title hunt and he's got a match with Heath Slater next week. Heath Slater comes in to mock Gabriel and says he's on a roll, saying that he's embarrassing legends. Gabriel says they have been embarrassing him and Slater says to forget about Vader, Piper, Cyndi Lauper, that other chick(Wendi Richter), Sid, DDP, all of them, because he's the one man band, baby! Gabriel says Slater doesn't have to worry much about being embarrassed by legends but rather getting embarrassed by him.

Bray Wyatt defeated Aiden English

Wyatt gives his usual inspired promo. Really bad break for him to be injured. Regal says that Wyatt gives him the collywobbles. Wyatt beats down English and running avalanche, into the waltz, into a kiss to the forehead, into a flatliner, and Bray Wyatt destroys another poor unfortunate soul on NXT.

A special look at Seth Rollins is shown.

Briley Pierce talks with Richie Steamboat, about the opportunities. The term "NXT Universe" is used and Leo Kruger comes up to tell Steamboat that he's the man on NXT and we have brawl between Kruger and Steamboat until it is broken up.

Video package of NXT's newest diva, Raquel Diaz.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players defeated Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Some stalling involving Darren Young and Titus and a hair pick during the early parts of this match, with the Usos mocking their use. Then Jimmy Uso is trapped right in the corner, getting his knee picked apart, but hot tag made. Jey runs wild, but the Prime Time Players manage to get the better of him, hitting their Demolition Decapitation Style elbow for the pin.

The Prime Time Players celebrate their win. A much tighter show this week and three matches as opposed to six or seven was an improvement.

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