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WWE RAW 07/09/12 Review

WWE RAW for July 9th 2012 will feature A.J. and CM Punk taking on Daniel Bryan and Eve in a mixed tag team match. Plus Money in the Bank Preview with Kane and John Cena actually teaming up to take on the Big Show and Chris Jericho. What legend will beat up Heath Slater this week? Let us find out as we watch WWE RAW 7/9/12 and run down all of the highlights.

WWE RAW 7/9/12

First the results for WWE RAW on July 9th 2012.

WWE RAW 7/9/12 Results

Sheamus pinned Jack Swagger

Tensai and Dolph Ziggler defeated Christian and Tyson Kidd

Brodus Clay pinned Drew McIntyre

John Cena and Kane defeated Chris Jericho and the Big Show via disqualification.

Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater. Then Bob Backlund beat up Heath Slater.

Michael Cole defeated Jerry Lawler via disqualification with Santino revealing Hornswoggle as the Anonymous RAW General Manager.

CM Punk and A.J. defeated Daniel Bryan and Eve.

WWE RAW 7/9/12 Report

Recap of the events of last week involving A.J, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk.

A.J. opens up the show, her usual unhinged self, calling out the WWE Champion CM Punk. A.J. says that she's perfectly in control. A.J. seems rather enamored with Punk or nuts. A.J. gets down on one knee but out comes Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is trying to school A.J. on the evils of Punk. He sees her as a referee. Daniel Bryan proposes to A.J, but Punk calls him out, wondering where the ring is.

And our General Manager for tonight, the computer, which means we have to have Michael Cole talk. The Anonymous RAW General Manager makes CM Punk and A.J. against Daniel Bryan and Eve later tonight.

Sheamus pinned Jack Swagger

Sheamus blows through Swagger like he's nothing pinning him with the Brogue Kick. Alberto Del Rio shows up, and promises to beat Sheamus. Then Sheamus hits another Brogue Kick after the match.

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder talk about the Anonymous General Manager and Santino will find out who it is tonight.

The Rock will be on the 1000th RAW.

Tensai and Dolph Ziggler defeated Christian and Tyson Kidd

So, WWE's booking does tend to baffle me many times and this is one of those many times. Tensai pins the WWE Intercontinental Champion of Christian of all people. Granted, the finish wasn't that clean, with Ziggler holding him for a splash but still, Tensai hasn't lit the world on fire despite some promise at the beginning.

Tensai destroys Tyson Kidd, again getting his no heat back from the loss from last week.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are talking and Cole throws water on King. The General Manager chimes in about a Wrestlemania return match. I screamed this point. I never want to see Michael Cole against Jerry Lawler ever again. The WWE Universe will decide. Oh yes, let the people who brought you "Air Boom" make the hard decisions.

Brodus Clay pinned Drew McIntyre

Brodus is right back to business as usual, squashing McIntyre, who obviously never will amount to much of anything no matter how much he improves.

Santino accuses Jericho of being behind the computer but as we know, Chris Jericho and the Anonymous Raw General Manager have had a shady past. Big Show enters the room and Jeri-Show reunites for the first time in two and a half years, to take on Kane and John Cena tonight.

John Cena talks. Long story short, he will win Money in the Bank. Hopefully be the first failure to, because if you can get away with one person failing and not destroying his career forever, it would be John Cena. It's high time someone fails at Money in the Bank.

John Cena and Kane defeated the Big Show and Chris Jericho via disqualification

Um, wait a minute, didn't Kane spend the better part of three months trying to make John Cena embrace the hate? Kane's yearly random babyface first really frustrates me sometimes. He never really turns, just one week he's a good guy and all is forgiven. And he'll randomly be a heel and the monster will be unleashed, all for a month. Good action, bad finish, with Big Show pulling Cena out of the ring is somehow a disqualification.

After the match, the Big Show grabs a ladder and beats up everyone. Then John Cena beats up Big Show and nails him in the head with the Ladder. So, Chris Jericho's going to take some insane bumps, right? Because I doubt the other three will. Okay, Cena might take a couple but certainly not too many.

CM Punk stretches and Eve tries to stir the pot about A.J. being the one in the spotlight.

Segment with Santino Marella and the Great Khali, with Santino accusing Khali of being the Anonymous RAW General Manager.

Sin Cara pinned Heath Slater

Another qualfiying match for Money in the Bank, the World Heavyweight Title one. Because putting Sin Cara in Money in the Bank after he came back from an injury obviously is a smart move. La Mistica gets the win.

Heath Slater challenges anyone. Bob Backlund, excuse me, Mr. Bob Backlund, enters the ring and Slater gives it ago, but the deadly crossface chickenwing has been applied. Heath Slater is trapped.

Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole via pinfall and then Cole won by reverse decision disqualification

The rematch no one wanted to see. Booker T chucks Cole right back into the ring and Lawler wins.

Then the Anonymous General Manager reverses the decision. Santino is out and the General Manager is underneath the ring. He pulls out Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle was the Anonymous RAW General Manage.r I'll let that one sink right in. Hornswoggle gives some shin kicks. Well the longest running mystery in WWE ends in a let down but that's par for the course.

CM Punk and A.J defeated Daniel Bryan and Eve

Standard fare for the mixed tag team match and then Daniel Bryan refuses to tag Eve, allowing A.J. to get the pin. Fine match, I suppose.

Then the ending segment, with A.J. celebrating and Daniel Bryan suggesting marriage. Punk is not going to marry her however, learning the lessons from Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have made in the past. Daniel Bryan tries to console her but she slaps him and runs off. A.J. has flipped.

So RAW....yeah I want to go watch Destination X again now, what a mediocre and uninspired show this WWE RAW was.  

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