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Hardcore Justice 2012 Review

The time has come to run down the Hardcore Justice Pay Per View Event. This Pay Per View aired on August 12th 2012 from the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida. The main event featured the return match from Destination X, where Austin Aries took on Bobby Roode. The Wrestling Emporium will run down the highlights and the results of Hardcore Justice.

Hardcore Justice 2012 Recap and Results.

This promotion has presented a number of solid Pay Per Views recently, so this one could be exciting.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez teamed up to take on the duo of Kid Kash and Gunner in the first match.

Hardcore Justice opened up with a huge tag team match. Chavo and Hernandez are a perfectly acceptable little tag team. The young Guerrero played face in peril and beat down by the dastardly heels. Hot tag made to Hernandez. Super Mex ran wild, a house of fire. Chavo tagged back in when Hernandez took out Gunner. Frog Splash nailed to Kash. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez win the first bout tonight in Orlando.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Kid Kash and Gunner.

Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, D'Angelo Dinero, and Magnus competed in a Four Way Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Twenty points in the Bound for Glory Series are on the line. D'Angelo Dinero was jumped by Aces and Eights in the back and taken out. Match had its moments. The Tower of Doom Spot was sick and rather scary. Magnus asked for a f***ing chair and got said chair nailed in his face. Van Daminator got the pin.

Rob Van Dam won Twenty Points in the Bound for Glory Series over Magnus, D'Angelo Dinero, and Mr. Anderson.

Devon defended the Television Championship against Kazarian.

Devon has not defended the belt in some time. Kazarian wanted the belt and hit a string of high impact moves. Fade to Black avoided. Off of the ropes went Kazarian and Devon spiked him with a huge spinebuster. Three count is scored. Not the best match, but it was a last minute match.

Devon retained the television Championship over Kazarian with the spinebuster.

Miss Tessmacher put the Knockouts Championship on the line against Madison Rayne.

Earl Hebner refereed this match. The Knockouts have seen better days. If Kong got her life back together and returns, it may improve things slightly. Both ladies tried and have improved over the years. Madison wins her fourth championship belt when she pulled the tights and used the ropes. Hebner ignored it.

Madison Rayne regained the TNA Knockout's Championship over Miss Tessmacher.

Bully Ray vowed to win the Bound for Glory Series and the World Championship at Bound for Glory. He is not afraid of Aces and Eights.

Bully Ray, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and Robbie E faced off in a Tables Match in the Bound for Glory Series.

The next match at Hardcore Justice had these four competitors brawling. Aces and Eights walked out during this match and acted like they were with James Storm. Last Call drilled Hardy right in the face but Bully Ray swooped in. Vicious power bomb got the win and the twenty points for Bully Ray.

Bully Ray earned twenty points in the Bound for Glory series when he beat Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and Robbie E.

Austin Aries cut a promo and there will be no return match clause in the title match with Roode. It almost seemed like Aries was being set up to be hoisted upon his own petard.

Zema Ion put the X-Division Title on the line against Kenny King.

Not anything like the glory days of the X-Division, but this title match at Hardcore Justice showcased some interesting moments. King really could be this year's version of Austin Aries as the breakout star in the X-Division. He lifted Ion to his best performance of all time. King hit a string of high impact moves. The champion slipped out of a sunset flip power bomb and dropped King on the mat. Face first the challenger connected with Ion's indy move. Zema Ion kept the X-Division Title when he pinned King. The champion kept his belt at Hardcore Justice.

Zema Ion pinned Kenny King with his facebuster to retain the X-Division Championship.

Samoa Joe promised he would get the twenty points in the Bound for Glory Series.

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe faced off in a Four Way Ladder Match in the Bound for Glory Series.

The famous Unbreakable 2005 trio plus Kurt Angle equaled an insane match. Even if there were some cringeworthy moments, this match was highly entertaining. All four men utilized the ladders. Daniels and Angle were wiped out. Joe went for the paper at the time but Styles blocked him. The Phenominal One swiped the paper and the twenty points. This match was the best of the evening.

AJ Styles won a Ladder Match against Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe in the Bound for Glory Series.

Bobby Roode said he would win the World Championship back.

Austin Aries defended the World Championship against the former Bobby Roode.

Sadly, this match did not live up to the standards of the Destination X three way match. There was way too much overbooking. Two referees got bumped. Superplex into a cradle got a double pin. Earl Hebner came out and restarted. Aries caught Roode with a flash pin and retained the title. There will be no return match, but given this is wrestling, there will be a return match.

Austin Aries pinned Bobby Roode with a Cradle.

Bobby Roode is paralyzed in fear as Austin Aries closed out Hardcore Justice still the champion.

The four way ladder match highlighted a great night of wrestling. Hardcore Justice might have been a throwaway Pay Per View, but it had some good moments.

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