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Impact Wrestling 08/09/12 Review

Impact Wrestling for August 9th 2012 on Spike TV continued with the Bound for Glory Series and Three More Matches. Bully Ray squared off against the front runner in the series James Storm. Two old rivals and former tag team partners went at it when AJ Styles stepped into the ring with Kurt Angle. Magnus battled Rob Van Dam in a third Bound for Glory Series Match. Plus, the official contract signing for the TNA Championship Match between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode took place. The full results and recap for Impact Wrestling for August 9th 2012 are here on the Wrestling Emporium.

Impact Wrestling 08/09/12.

Bully Ray opened up the show with the power of Twitter. He accused James Storm of being the leader of Aces and Eights. Out comes James Storm and back and forth between these two men who fight in the Bound for Glory Series tonight. Aces and Eights showed up and be cryptic.

D'Angelo Dinero might have gotten off to a bad start but he will gain more points and win the Bound for Glory Series. My crystal ball said no but you just never know.

Rob Van Dam faced off against Magnus in the Bound for Glory Series.

Ken Anderson joined Mike Tenay and Tazz on commentary. My finger joined my remote on the mute button. Magnus battled Rob Van Dam to try and move forward in the Bound for Glory Series. Van Dam nailed Magnus with a roundhouse kick and Five Star Frog Splash scored the three.

Rob Van Dam pinned Magnus with the Five Star Frog Splash to earn seven points in the Bound for Glory Series.

Bobby Roode complained about the contract signing with Austin Aries. I would too. I thought contract signings were long dead after Punk put a lampshade on that trope last summer.

The latest chapter of the epic Claire Lynch saga is replayed, as in the baby shower from last week.

Kazarian and Daniels defended the TNA Tag Team Titles against Garrett Bischoff and Devon.

Actually, I have no problem with Garrett and Devon as a tag team. It will keep Garrett from wrestling singles matches. Was Devon not supposed to defend the TNA Television Title every week? Even when this show is good, it still has holes. Garrett is given a beaten right in the ring. Hot tag made to Devon. Devon runs wild but gets nailed with the belt shot for the pin. For what it was, this TNA Tag Team Title title match was not bad.

Kazarian and Devon retained the TNA Tag Team Titles over Garrett Bischoff and Devon when Kazarian pinned Devon after a shot with a belt.

Sting said he sent home Brooke Hogan for her own protection. I think many of us can agree it was a noble decision by the Stinger.

Robbie E and Robbie T are out. E crowed about his countout win over Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is out and he got power bombed through a table by Robbie T.

AJ Styles would remember sleeping with Claire if he did. We'll find out more next on the Young and the Wrestling.

Speak of Claire, she is in the crowd for the next match on Impact Wrestling. AJ Styles faced off against Kurt Angle in the Bound for Glory Series.

Kurt Angle faced off against AJ Styles in the Bound for Glory Series.

Styles and Angle wrestle for about a minute before Spike TV sends Impact to a commercial. Angle and Styles have about the same match they do. They fall into the insane finisher fest which does tend to annoy certain groups of wrestling fans on the Internet. At least Angle is not as obscene about it as Davey Richards. Angle missed the moonsault but the Springboard 450 Splash hit Kurt's knees. Angle connected with the Angle Slam for the pin. Enjoyable match displayed even if there were a few too many moves.

Kurt Angle pinned AJ Styles to earn seven points in the Bound for Glory Series with the Angle Slam.

Claire yucked it up in the crowd.

Aces and Eights are more cryptic.

Mr. Anderson and James Storm have a talk about Storm being in Aces and Eights or not.

TNA Knockout's Champion Miss Tessmacher took on Gail Kim in a non title match.

Gail Kim walked out of WWE nearly a year ago, and she is in this match. Tessmacher has improved a lot. Gail got a lot of offense. Tessmacher comes back and hits her face plant for the pin.

Miss Tessmacher pinned Gail Kim with the Facebuster.

Madison Rayne walked out and proceeded to swap spit with Earl Hebner. That was really charming.

Joseph Park arrived to warn Sting of Doom and Gloom. Hey, maybe Chris, you know Abyss, is behind Aces and Eights.

Video package showcased Kenny King. King is the number one contender for the TNA X-Division Title held by Zema Ion.

The contract signing between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode took place. Sting watched over the signing. Aries and Roode exchanged words and signed the contract. Aries nearly attacked Roode but Sting held him back.

Chavo Guerrero arrived in TNA in recent weeks. Gunner and Kid Kash talked about him.

James Storm battled Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series.

Both men brawled with each other in tonight's Impact Wrestling main event. Both men can have an entertaining brawl. Back and forth action, and Storm went for a Last Call but Ray used the referee as a shield. Bully Ray caught Storm with the Bully Cutter and pinned him. Not the best but a solid main event to close out Impact.

Bully Ray pinned James Storm with the Bully Cutter.

Aces and Eights ended the show and were more cryptic.

Impact Wrestling has improved a lot in recent months. Sure the show has holes here and there, but really it is not all that bad.

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