Thursday, August 16, 2012

NXT Recap 08/15/12

WWE NXT took place right from Full Sail University this past week on August 15th 2012. There were two semifinal round matches in the NXT Championship Tournament that took place. Richie Steamboat met Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins took on Michael McGillicutty. Here are the results for WWE NXT for August 15th 2012.

WWE NXT 08/15/12 Results.

Jinder Mahal defeated Richie Steamboat via submission in the NXT Tournament Match. Steamboat really did try but Mahal dragged him down. Steamboat was dragged right into the usual Jinder Mahal Match. Camel Clutch slapped on and Steamboat struggled for a moment but he eventually tapped right out. Jinder Mahal was one half of the finals.

Heath Slater cut his usual promo and since we're a bit behind, it's legend time, as Scotty 2 Hotty comes out.

Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Heath Slater with the Worm. We all know the drill right about now. Slater was beat up by the Legend. The fans remembered Scotty from the Attitude Era. Match was not much of anything to speak about. Scotty won with the Worm.

The Usos defeated the Ascension of Kenneth Cameron and Conor O'Brian via disqualification. The second match between these two teams in many weeks occurred. Four minutes in and the weak finish occurred where one man crotched the other man on the ropes for the cheap disqualification. Remember, how NXT was the best show of the week about six months ago in WWE. The times have changed. Jimmy Uso attacked after the bell and beat down by the Ascension.

Hunico and Camacho chatted about their recent loss to Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton.

Raquel Diaz had a promo where she talked about how she's the best diva of all time.

Seth Rollins pinned Michael McGillicutty in the NXT Championship Tournament Semifinals. McGillicutty has improved and Rollins could have his entertaining moments. The winner was obvious and Rollins and Mahal might not be that bad. They did have Mahal's best match on FCW back in January. Then again, who really knows. Back and forth action and Rollins nailed the Curb Stomp to get the pin.

Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins brawled but the fight is broken up. We have that particular match next week.

NXT had fallen right off of the cliff in the past couple of weeks. The main event was the only halfway decent match.

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