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WWE NXT 08/08/12 Review

WWE NXT for August 8th 2012 featured the next two first round matches in the NXT Championship tournament. First, Justin Gabriel took on Michael McGillicutty. In the main event, Bo Dallas did battle with Jinder Mahal. The Wrestling Emporium will run down what happened on WWE NXT 8/8/12 in all of it's glory with a full recap and results.

WWE NXT 08/08/12 Recap and Results.

Jim Ross, Bryon Saxton, and William Regal did commentary for this week's episode.

Justin Gabriel took on Michael McGillicutty in the first round of the NXT Championship Tournament.

Both Gabriel and McGillicutty started off with an exhibition of technical wrestling. Gabriel worked over McGillicutty and pulled out a three quarter nelson for a two count. McGillicutty and Gabriel exchanged moves. The son of Mr. Perfect got the heat and worked down Gabriel. Both superstars attempted cross body blocks but they collided in mid air.

Gabriel made a comeback and went for the 450 Splash. Michael McGillicutty avoided it. The Capetown Werewolf pulled out a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. In a sweet spot, McGillicutty pulled out a Perfect Plex. The Perfect Plex received a two count. Saito Suplex is countered and Gabriel spiked McGillicutty with an inverted DDT. Michael McGillicutty fight back and snapped down Gabriel with a neckbreaker. McGillicutty pinned Gabriel to win a good match and advanced forward in the NXT Championship Tournament.

Michael McGillicutty pinned Justin Gabriel with the Swinging Neckbreaker to Advance to the Semifinals of the NXT Championship Tournament.

McGillicutty will face Seth Rollins next week.

Kassius Ohno battled CJ Parker.

Parker gets some offense but this bout is a showcase for Ohno. Nice heel tactic where Ohno used the ring skirt. C.J. Parker made a comeback and Ohno nailed a boot. K'O elbow picked up the win for Ohno.

Kassius Ohno pinned CJ Parker with the K'O Elbow.

Ohno continued his winning ways on WWE NXT.

Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan are excited about their win over Hunico and Camacho last week on this show.

Bo Dallas against Jinder Mahal in the final first round NXT Championship Match is hyped for tonight. Paige and Tamina Snuka against Caylee Turner and Kaitlyn hyped up for next.

The Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron will be in action next week.

Paige and Tamina took on Caylee Turner and Kaitlyn.

The Diva's are in action on WWE NXT. This next bout was nothing bad but it was nothing good either. Kaitlyn was beaten down for a while. Then Caylee Turner got a beat down. Kaitlyn tagged back in but taken out. Paige rolled up Caylee Turner for the pin. Paige and Tamina picked up the win on WWE NXT.

Paige and Tamina defeated Caylee Turner and Kaitlyn when Paige pinned Caylee.

Derrick Bateman wished Bo Dallas luck.

Bo Dallas took on Jinder Mahal in the Quarterfinals of the NXT Championship Tournament.

The winner of this match will face Richie Steamboat in the semifinals. Regal talked about how Bo Dallas split his kidney in half and was out for eight months. That injury sounded like the worst. Slow pace started this match, but the pace picked up when Dallas was on offense. Slowed back down when Jinder Mahal beat down Bo Dallas. Dallas fired back.

Dallas drilled Mahal with a swinging bulldog for a two count. Mahal powered back. Knee is avoided but Mahal sent Dallas into the ropes. Knee to the back set up the Camel Clutch. Bo Dallas has no choice but to tap out. Jinder Mahal advanced in the NXT Championship Tournament and will face off against Richie Steamboat.

Jinder Mahal made Bo Dallas submit to the Camel Clutch.

Overall WWE NXT 08/08/12 had a good opening match but the last three matches were just there.

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