Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Resolution 2012 Review

TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy is defending his title against the number one contender Bobby Roode. Plus, for the last time ever, Christopher Daniels will square off against AJ Styles. It is now time to run down the results and recap Final Resolution 2012.

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Results.

James Storm pinned Frankie Kazarian with the Last Call.

Rob Van Dam retained the X-Division Championship over Kenny King.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan via disqualification to retain the World Tag Team Titles when Morgan pulled the referee out of the ring.

Austin Aries picked up the win over Bully Ray.

Tara retained the TNA Knockout’s Championship over Mickie James.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, and Garrett Bischoff defeated Aces and 8s when Kurt Angle pinned a member with the Angle Slam.

Christopher Daniels pinned AJ Styles with the Styles Clash in their “Final Match”.

World Champion Jeff Hardy picked up the win over Bobby Roode with the Twist of Fate. Aces and 8s beat up Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode after the match.

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Review.

So what did this reviewer think when he watched TNA Final Resolution 2012? The show had a number of good matches, and was a solid way to close out the year for this promotion. Austin Aries against Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels against AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy against Bobby Roode would have to be the highlights of the night.

First, Daniels and Styles, a match we have really seen millions of times before(perhaps I speak with hyperbole, but just barely), but it was a good match. The story was perfect, with AJ Styles being down in the dumps, and losing to the one guy that he could mostly always beat really pushed forward his upcoming character arc.

Jeff Hardy was the underdog due to the beating, but he pushed forward with the win over Bobby Roode to keep the Championship. Then Aces and 8s came in to beat him up, and then beat Roode up for getting in his face, for their failure to win the title. So Aces and 8s may be going for the title soon, despite their loss in the eight man tag team match.

Speaking of which, the eight man tag team match was perfectly acceptable, but not that good. There were no swerves, for right now, and Angle and his team picked up the win.

Austin Aries against Bully Ray was a match that delivered in spades, even with the story around it. Likely given the nature of the finish, we’re going to have another match between the two.

As for the result of the show, The X-Division Match was decent enough. The Knockout’s Title Match was good. Tag Team Title Match had a flat finish, and this feud must continue. There was an impromptu opener between James Storm and Kazarian that had a few decent moments. All and all, I’ll give Final Resolution 2012 a thumbs up.

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