Thursday, December 6, 2012

WWE Main Event 12/05/12 Review

The United States Champion met the WWE Intercontinental Champion in a champion versus champion non-title match on WWE Main Event, when Antonio Cesaro took on Kofi Kingston. Plus a huge announcement is made about the main event of WWE TLC and the status of CM Punk. It is now time to run down WWE Main Event for December 5th 2012 on ION.

WWE Main Event 12/5/12 Results.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston battled WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro to a no contest when Wade Barrett interfered.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth picked up the win over Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett when R-Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro.

Next week, Alberto Del Rio squares off against Ryback.

WWE Main Event 12/5/12 Review.

So what did this reviewer think of WWE Main Event for December 5th 2012? This was another solid episode of the show, with a huge feature bout, that led into another huge tag team match.

The huge announcement for this show was CM Punk is out with an injury. As a result, the CM Punk against Ryback match has been scrubbed for TLC. It has been replaced with a six man tag team match, featuring Ryback, Daniel Bryan, and Kane against the Shield. It is a TLC Match, where the only way the competitors can win is by pinfall or submission.

Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro had a rocking little match. Cesaro continues to be one of the top line competitors in WWE from an in ring standpoint. No winner in this match, when Wade Barrett got involved. That segued into a huge tag team match, with Kofi Kingston and R-Truth reuniting to defeat the duo of Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. This was a solid main event match, setting up the two secondary title matches for TLC.

Alberto Del Rio takes on Ryback next week. That should be an interesting match.

WWE Main Event was another solid hour long show.

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