Thursday, January 3, 2013

WWE Main Event 01/02/13 Results

WWE Main Event on ION returned on January 2nd 2013. The Great Khali won a battle royal last week. This week, he receives a shot at the WWE United States Championship held by Antonio Cesaro. Can Cesaro take down the monster? Plus, the WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett runs the gauntlet.

WWE Main Event 01/02/13 Results.

Antonio Cesaro retained the WWE United States Championship over the Great Khali.

Wade Barrett ran the gauntlet. First he defeated Yoshi Tatsu with the Bull Hammer Elbow. Then he followed that up with a win over JTG with the Bull Hammer Elbow. Then Wade Barrett pinned Justin Gabriel with the Bull Hammer Elbow.  Then Kofi Kingston pinned Wade Barrett with the Trouble in Paradise.

WWE Main Event 01/02/13 Review.

What did this reviewer think when he watched WWE Main Event for January 2nd 2013? I thought this was another solid show. Main Event continues to be the best structured WWE show, as it’s an hour, with a match that’s hyped. Sometimes the match is decent, and sometimes the match is less than decent.

Antonio Cesaro and the Great Khali was your feature match of the week. The big sticking point was whether or not Cesaro can hit the Neutralizer. The answer to that question is yes that he can. That makes this match a win on sheer principle. The Great Khali might not be moving that well these days, but kudos to him for taking the Neutralizer bump. Cesaro cuts a good promo after this match.

Our other match is Wade Barrett running the gauntlet one at a time. Yoshi Tatsu gets some television time! Sadly he falls to the Bull Hammer Elbow in less time it took me to type that sentence.

JTG continues to collect a paycheck, and is brought out to eat the Bull Hammer elbow next.

Justin Gabriel is a bit higher up on the totem pole than JTG and Yoshi, so he gets a bit more time. And he gives his former Nexus and Corre teammate a bit of a run for his money. The Bull Hammer nails Gabriel, and pins him.

Kofi comes out next, and hits Barrett with the Trouble in Paradise picking up the win. This does a good job in setting up a championship bout down the road between these two.

WWE Main Event was a solid show. Next week we’ve got Dolph Ziggler against Sheamus. A match that we have seen numerous times, but it should be entertaining.

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