Thursday, February 2, 2012

58 Days Until WWE Wrestlemania 28: The Undertaker's Streak

The road toWrestlemania 28 is only fifty eight days away and we continue the Road toWrestlemania articles right here at the Wrestling Enterprise Blog. Today on theWrestling Enterprise Blog, we talk about one of the key drawing points toWrestlemania in recent years, the Undertaker’s storied undefeated Wrestlemaniawinning streak.

TheUndertaker- The Undefeated Streak That Should Remain Unbroken.

Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, GiantGonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Sid, Kane, Big Boss Man, Triple H, RicFlair, A-Train and Big Show, Kane again, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista,Edge, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Michaels again, and Triple H is done. Nineteenmatches, nineteen wins for the Undertaker. Eleven of those men have held eitherthe WWE or World Heavyweight Title(or both). It is a streak that will never bebroken ever again, 19-0.

But should it be broken ever?

There are two schools of thoughtto this. One of them is obviously the Undertaker’s winning streak has becomeperhaps the defining attraction to Wrestlemania.  Half of the reason why most people tune intoMania is to see whether or not this will be the year. Therefore, if theUndertaker’s winning streak at Wrestlemania is broken, the magic of Wrestlemaniais partially locked. The Randy Orton match is when it really started being abig deal(even if it was mentioned before), and the Undertaker’s streak is oneof the huge draws.

The other school is theUndertaker might be on his last legs. He’s not as young as he used to be and hehas had many injury problems. Therefore, now might be the time to have someonebeat him, to get that rub, to be shot right straight to the moon.

Here is the thing though. Mostwrestlers who could break up the winning streak seem to fall into three camps.The smallest would be those who could go somewhere as the person that broke theUndertaker’s streak. A very small group and the key word is good. Those peoplemight have their momentum squandered and a streak wasted. The largest group isthose who could in theory get the rub, but the fans would not buy it at all andthus they would crap all over it. And there is a group of people who don’t needthe rub, even if they could be the one’s defeating the Undertaker. Like if JohnCena for example was the one to end the Undertaker’s winning streak, would hebe any bigger of a star than he was? He would still be cheered by some, booedby others, and largely just be the same John Cena that he has been since 2005or so.

The Undertaker’s undefeatedstreak is an institution at Wrestlemania. If it should be broken, the follow uphas to be handled absolutely with care. If a rising star was the man to bustthe streak, then they can’t just hem and ha with the parity booking that theydo. He has to be at a level above everyone else.

The streak has become so muchwhere it shouldn’t really be broken. Unless it was for certain that this wasthe last ride for the Undertaker but even then, the Undertaker is such alegendary star that he deserves to be out on top. His final Mania matchwhenever it should be, should have him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fameand retire with the streak unbroken.

The Undertaker’s streak is alwaysa point of interest and a point of debate each and every year for Wrestlemania.

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