Friday, February 3, 2012

57 Days Until Wrestlemania 28: The Hot Rod

We are nowcounting down to Wrestlemania 28, fifty seven days away from the show of shows,where we will be headlined by the battle featuring John Cena taking on the Rockone on one. Throughout Wrestlemania history there have been many amazingmatches and many great competitors. Let’s talk about one of the all-time greatsof many Wrestlemanias, the Hot Rod Himself, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Roddy Piper-A Fixture At Many Wrestlemanias.

The first main event atWrestlemania, at Wrestlemania I, featured the Hot Rod, Roddy Piper teaming upwith Paul Orndorff to take on Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. Piper was the baddestoutlaw in the land, a man who was sadistic, both in his tongue and actions. Hisfeud with Hulk Hogan around the time of the first Wrestlemania lead to bigbusiness and add Orndorff and Mr. T in there, and things would be heating up. Tand Hogan scored the win, when Hogan pinned Orndorff with a little miscue fromBob Orton.

Roddy Piper’s business with Mr. Twas far from finished, as they competed in a Boxing Match at Wrestlemania II,where Roddy Piper vowed that if Mr. T could knock him out, he’ll retire fromprofessional wrestling, professional boxing, he’ll retire from Tiddlywinks, andhe’ll stop dating girls(although he’ll stick with “Cowboy” Bob Orton).  The world of competitive Tiddlywinks may havebreathed a sigh of relief, as Roddy Piper was disqualified, when he bodyslammedMr. T. Obviously a forbidden action in a boxing match.  

Piper turned babyface, competingin his retirement match(or so it seemed), against Adrian Adonis at WrestlemaniaIII, in a hair vs. hair match. Piper scored the win and with a little help fromBrutus Beefcake, the Adorable One got a slight trim.

Roddy Piper would bring Piper’sPit to Wrestlemania V, with Morton Downey Jr. and Brother Love being the guest.Brother Love, dressed as Piper, was completely humiliated when Piper tore hiskilt off. Then Morton Downey Jr learned a valuable lesson, not to blow smoke inthe face of Piper when he tells you to knock it off. A fire extinguisher taughthim a lesson.

At Wrestlemania VI, Roddy Pipertook to the ring with Bad News Brown, painting half of himself black to dobattle. It was controversial, so that meant it was vintage “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.A double countout was the result, as Piper and Bad News Brown brawled, withRoddy Piper retiring at Wrestlemania VI(again) to work on the short lived showTag Team with Jesse Ventura and also to replace Ventura on commentary when heleft WWF over a contract dispute.

Wrestlemania VII, Roddy Piper wasin the corner of Virgil as he took on Ted DiBiase. Piper taught us that man wasin fact spelled V-I-R-G-I-L. Virgil beat DiBiase via countout and then Sherriand DiBiase beat up Piper, destroying him in the center of the ring.

Roddy Piper’s greatest match asan in ring performer might have come at Wrestlemania VIII, as he puts his WWFIntercontinental Championship on the line against Bret Hart. Bret Hart managedto outwit Piper, countering his sleeperhold into a bridging pin. Both menremained heroes, but Piper would go off into the sunset for a couple of years.

At Wrestlemania X andWrestlemania XI Roddy Piper would referee matches, first Bret Hart againstYokozuna for the World Wrestling Federation Championship in the main event atWrestlemania X and Bob Backlund against Bret Hart in a Submission Match atWrestlemania XI. It seemed as if Piper’s microphone work in the SubmissionMatch detracted from the overall enjoyment of it.

At Wrestlemania XII, Roddy Piper,the then interim WWF President, stepped in to take on Goldust. The originalplan was a Miami Street Fight between Goldust and Razor Ramon, but Scott Hallhad been suspended during the time, so Piper stepped in, in a Hollywood BacklotBrawl against Goldust, to lead to Piper being ran over by a gold Cadillac andchasing said Cadillac down the streets of Hollywood in a White Bronco,utilizing footage from the famous OJ Simpson chase scene. Then Piper strippedGoldust to his under garments to get the win.

Piper would go off to WCW, butwould return at Wrestlemania 19, to attack Hulk Hogan during his match withVince McMahon. Then at Wrestlemania 21, he hosted Piper’s Pit with Stone ColdSteve Austin and Carlito. Carlito got taken out early and Austin and Piper hada beer, that lead to a Stone Cold Stunner.

Roddy Piper competed in the ringas part of the legends Handicap Match at Wrestlemania 25, with Ricky Steamboatand Jimmy Snuka in a losing effort to Chris Jericho. And then at Wrestlemania27, interrupted Zack Ryder’s rendition of the song “Friday” by waffling himwith a Coconut.

Roddy Piper is an icon, a Hall ofFame superstar, and a legend. And in the early years, he was a huge part of Wrestlemania.Will he have a cameo during Wrestlemania 28? Only time will tell.

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