Thursday, February 23, 2012

The WWE Locker Room Must Hate Money

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has the latest about the situation regarding the Rock, about how the locker room are acting like eight year olds who didn't get their favorite sweets at the grocery store. I did discuss this a couple of days ago, but this attitude by the WWE Superstars rather astounds me. I've said it in the previous post, don't blame the Rock for being successful elsewhere. He's actually doing you a favor. He didn't have to come back. He never had to come back, not even for a cameo.

As I said, I'm not hearing the complaints about the Undertaker only wrestling a handful of matches a year or Triple H. Granted, I'm sure some wrestlers are thinking it but the Rock is an easy target, because he's just a guest competitor. It does go to show you that the Rock being successful outside of the wrestling business has rubbed a lot of people the long way. Then again, given WWE Superstars have been getting into twitter wars with celebrities outside of wrestling as of late(CM Punk vs. Chris Brown), we do have a misplaced sense of priorities.

Of course, the jealousy does come straight from the top I think, beyond the locker room. I think that a part of Vince McMahon resents the Rock, that he actually rose about WWE, that he became something without being tethered to the WWE machine. Vince McMahon never was successful outside of WWE(XFL, WBF, the World), so no one else i wrestling should be either.

And for everyone citing the poor Survivor Series buyrate, please, the Rock sure didn't write that horrible storyline. Then again, the Miz and R-Truth might not have been the most credible main event opponents but who in fact was? Which does kind of in a round about way bring us to why the Rock is actually coming back at Wrestlemania. Because WWE hasn't made anyone a star and the reasons for that were documented. The Rock left, Brock left, then Vince became insecure and stifled everyone. Even the golden boy John Cena.It's not PG, it's because Vince McMahon has some self esteem issues that he has to take out on the entire world, because the only thing he was successful for was this carny wrestling stuff.

I do think that WWE should have down Rock vs. Cena last year and I blame the Rock's Twitter fetish for getting the ball rolling for WWE's obnoxious overpromotion of Twitter, but the Wrestlemania 28 buyrate will likely be higher, get more interest, and get you more money than if it was John Cena against whatever heel of the month you decide. Wouldn't it have been keen if it was John Cena against Kane again at Wrestlemania 28? Or John Cena defeating Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan(that would split the Internet in half I'd imagine)?

John Cena vs. the Rock is the best for business at Wrestlemania 28. When people talk about the younger 18-36 generation being entitled in this day and age, the WWE locker room would be the best argument to support your thesis...if not for the prime offender and the guy likely to be stirring up this sentiment being well into his sixties.

Of course, if you don't like having the Rock rain on your little Wrestlemania parade, then when your contract is up, go to TNA and really know what it feels like to have no upward mobility as you work with "1.0 ratings" and zombie crowds at a theme par and Pay Per View buyrates where their highest was not as high as the WWE's lowest. Then you'll really have something to cry about. And TNA has been improving lately, but the goose is cooked.

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