Saturday, February 25, 2012

WWE Smackdown House Show Results from Panama City Panama 2/24/12

Here are the WWE Smackdown House Show Results from Panama City, Panana on February 24th2012. For those of you who have been keeping a close eye on WWE Smackdown HouseShow results, these might seem rather familiar, with Daniel Bryan defending hisWorld Heavyweight Title against the Big Show. With many wrestlers broken downon the road to Wrestlemania 28, we’re working with a depleted crew. Let’s seewhat the latest night of WWE wrestling brought.

WWESmackdown House Show House Results Panana City, Panana 2/24/12

TheGreat Khali onceagain rolled over Jinder Mahal.

EzekielJackon scoreda win over the punching bag of WWE Smackdown, Drew McIntyre.

NatalyadefeatedAlicia Fox.

TheWWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes successfully defended his titleagainst Booker T

TedDiBiase and Justin Gabriel joined up to defeat the team of Comacho and Hunico

Sheamuscontinuedhis roll to Wrestlemania 28, defeating MarkHenry

In what should be no surprise toanyone who has been taking a look at WWE Smackdown House Show Reports for thepast several months, The Big Show scoredthe win over World Heavyweight ChampionDaniel Bryan via disqualification. Daniel Bryan is still the champion.

There you have it the resultsfrom the WWE Smackdown House Show Results from February 24th 2012from Panama City, Panama. 

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