Monday, March 19, 2012

12 Days Until Wrestlemania 28 Featuring Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts

The countdown to Wrestlemania 28 is winding down to the final steps of the road, with twelve full days and counting to Wrestlemania 28. April 1st 2012, featuring the Rock taking on John Cena in the match that was a year in the making. Also, an end of an era, when the Undertaker takes on Triple H inside the confines of Hell in a Cell. Wrestlemania 28 is twelve days away and all of this week, its Undertaker week, based on his 19-0 winning streak. While we already discussed many of his later Wrestlemania matches, there is a lot to discuss regarding the Undertaker. Let us start Undertaker week with his match with Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Wrestlemania 8 twenty years ago.

12 Days Until Wrestlemania 28

The Undertaker made his Wrestlemania debut the previous year, taking down Jimmy Snuka in his first Wrestlemania encounter.  He aligned himself with the dastardly Jake Roberts and had a reign of terror, first taking out the Ultimate Warrior and then the dastardly duo crashed the wedding reception of Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage at Summerslam 1991. Roberts and Savage had a feud as the Undertaker briefly held the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Roberts forced WWE President Jack Tunney to ban his snake from ringside, when set a cobra right on Randy Savage.

However, it appeared that even Jake Roberts was a bit too much evil for the Undertaker, who saved Miss Elizabeth from a chairshot, saying that he was not on Jake's side. The Undertaker was turned babyface, but Roberts proved to be dastardly and dangerous, trapping the Undertaker in a casket, forcing him to be helpless as he hit a DDT on Paul Bearer and Roberts then decided to go to town on the Undertaker with a chair.

Undertaker would not be denied, as at Wrestlemania 8, he would have his battle set against Jake Roberts. Roberts took the fight to the Undertaker, but the Undertaker survived the once unbeatable DDT. The Undertaker sat up and Tombstone right on the floor destroys the Snake. Back into the ring and the Undertaker puts the arms across the chest, and 2-0 at Wrestlemania 28.

Can the Undertaker hit the big 20-0 this year at Wrestlemania 28? We'll find out as he takes on Triple H inside a Hell in a Cell Match with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. It will be an end of an era match at WWE Wrestlemania 28.

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