Monday, March 19, 2012

John Cena In Car Accident Update

Apparently John Cena was in a car accident earlier today, thirteen days before Wrestlemania 28. You know, when a lot of us said that WWE was tempting fate making a Wrestlemania match a year early, I'm sure each and every one of us were joking, well at least most of us were. The only good thing is that it doesn't appear to be as bad as it could be.

John Cena Involved In Car Accident; Will Still Be In Wrestlemania 28 Main Event Naturally

Talk about rolling your dice with fate and coming out ahead. It appears that the car wreck did not injure John Cena, although there are some fears of lingering injuries such as whiplash and with someone who has had past neck problems like John Cena, that is something that is a consideration. Cena appears to be in good spirits, ever the pro, and is prepared to compete in the main event of WWE RAW, just thirteen days before Wrestlemania 28.

Cena appears to be in good shape, of course whether or not that is in good shape by the standards of professional wrestling or by the standards of a sane person, really is something for a lot of debate. It is rather scary to think that we could have come inches away from the entire Wrestlemania 28 main event being thrown completely into disarray.

Cena will be meeting with medical personnel on the way to the arena and we will get a better idea of the situation. If there is something just the least bit off, then it might not be wise for John Cena to compete against Mark Henry tonight on RAW. Although there isn't a chance that the Wrestlemania 28 match would have been cancelled.

So thankfully no matter what your opinion might be of the current direction of his character, it is a good thing that this didn't end a bit worse and I'm sure many people in WWE let out some collective breaths when it did not seem to be serious. Providing of course that this isn't a big work, which wouldn't be completely out of the realm of possibility.

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