Wednesday, March 14, 2012

17 Days Until WWE Wrestlemania 28: Triple H vs. Undertaker

It is now seventeen days and counting until Wrestlemania 28. The huge match between the Rock vs. John Cena, a year in a making April 1st 2012 in Miami. Also, The Undertaker puts his Wrestlemania undefeated streak right on the line against Triple H. Can the Undertaker go 20-0 or will Triple H break the streak inside Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee? Plus we'll find out who the best in the world is at WWE Wrestlemania 28, when Chris Jericho takes on the WWE Champion CM Punk. The 2012 Royal Rumble winner Sheamus takes on Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title and Cody Rhodes puts the WWE Intercontinental Title on the line against The Big Show. Plus the entire fate of the General Manager Office is on the line, when there is a twelve man tag team match with Team John Laurinaitis, captained by David Otunga with Mark Henry and four other competitors to be named taking on Team Teddy Long, captained by Santino Marella with five other competitors to be named. That is your WWE Wrestlemania 28 Card to this point.

And today, we look at the very first time that the Undertaker and Triple H went one on one at Wrestlemania X-7 on April 1st 2001. Or the match that never happened.

17 Days Until WWE Wrestlemania 28: Triple H and the Undertaker

The Undertaker's entire gimmick was reinvented in 2000 as the American Badass and let's face it, many fans were longing for the classic days of the Deadman. It just goes to show you that fans from the mid 1990s wanted the characters from their childhood during the Attitude Era just like the fans during the Attitude Era wished that things would return to the Attitude Era. Regardless, at Wrestlemania X-7, the Undertaker was scheduled to go one on one with Triple H. Two of the biggest stars in the World Wrestling Federation, they had a couple of matches before on television, but as far as big Pay Per View Matches, never had the Undertaker and Triple H went one on one.

Triple H claimed that there was no one in the lockeroom left for him to beat. Even in 2001, he did this, so it's not like it was something new in 2012 for Triple H in WWE. The Undertaker accepted the challenge, promising to make Triple H famous. The undefeated streak was there, but it wasn't really played up. The buildup was Stephanie McMahon(who was Triple H's wife in the storyline but not yet in real life at this point) having a storyline and a hokey segment with Kane dangling an obviously fake Stephanie over the railing of the balcony.

Yet the match was there, Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania X-7. This match was slammed by some fans for having an overly long referee bump. Undertaker pulled out the Tombstone during this match, that he didn't really use during his American Badass days. Triple H used his trusty sledgehammer but in the end, The Undertaker gave Triple H the Last Ride and 9-0 for the Undertaker, for those keeping score at home.

At Wrestlemania 28, both of these men, Triple H and the Undertaker will step inside Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker hitting 20-0. That is April 1st 2012 in Miami Florida.

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