Monday, March 26, 2012

5 Days Until Wrestlemania 28

The road to Wrestlemania is winding down in the final steps. Bit by bit, we are turning right to that night, that showcase of the Immortals, headlined by the main event a year in a making. The first and only time so far that a main event for Wrestlemania has been made a year out in World Wrestling Entertainment. You know it, the Rock goes one on one with John Cena. Also it will be an End of the Era. Two men who are no strangers to Hell in a Cell step right into the Devil's Playground, with the Undertaker meeting Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. The WWE Championship will be at stake when CM Punk defends against Chris Jericho. The 2012 Money in the Bank Winner Daniel Bryan goes against Sheamus, the twelve man tag for the RAW General Manager and more.

In the days leading to Wrestlemania 28, we're going to look at some of the bigger matches from Wrestlemania history.  Today's Wrestlemania spotlight will be the opening match between Wrestlemania X, the battle between brothers between Bret Hart and Owen Hart.

Owen Hart versus Bret Hart from Wrestlemania 28 is your Wrestlemania Spotlight.

Bret Hart was the World Wrestling Federation Champion and his brother Owen cheered him, supported him or so it seemed. Yet there were some tensions, Owen feeling a bit resentful of his older brother's success, perhaps a bit uneasy, perhaps in the back of their mind, Owen Hart felt that it was his chance to go right into the spotlight. Tensions boiled over at the Survivor Series in 1993, the annual World Wrestling Federation event with teams of four or five going at it. Owen Hart was the only Hart Brother eliminated and it lead to a tension.

Over the holidays, the two brothers appeared to reconcile. And Bret Hart was putting his goal to regain the World Wrestling Federation Title on hold, to team with his brother, to take on the Quebecers for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles at the 1994 WWF Royal Rumble. All seemed to be well, with the tag team match being the pinnacle of wrestling excellent. However, the Hart Brothers lost and Owen Hart did not take it well, taking his brother's leg out from underneath him with a kick. Or as Owen famously said during an interview, he kicked Bret's leg out from underneath his leg.

The stage was set for the battle of the brothers. Many wrestling fans were looking forward to this match and they were not disappointed, with perhaps the absolute best opening match at in Wrestlemania history. A tight back and forth match, between two of the greatest superstars of Canada's greatest wrestling family. The Sharpshooter was used by both men and after twenty minutes, Bret Hart tried for a Victory Roll. Owen Hart blocked the move and sat down for the pin.

The Unthinkable had happened at Wrestlemania X. Owen Hart had defeated his older brother. It was truly at Wrestlemania moment and would set up a huge feud with many other memorable matches between the two Hart brothers throughout 1994.

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