Monday, March 26, 2012

WWE RAW Preview 03/26/12

We are a mere six days away, as we are winding down the few steps on the road to Wrestlemania 28. The Wrestlemania featuring the battle that is a year in the making featuring John Cena against The Rock. The End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match with the Undertaker taking on Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee and the Wrestlemania winning streak on line. Before Wrestlemania 28, there is WWE RAW this Monday.

WWE RAW Preview March 26th 2012

What will happen when all of the main players for Wrestlemania 28 are in the same place and at the same time. It could be pure chaos for sure, on WWE RAW this Monday. One hour before RAW, the Once in a Lifetime John Cena and the Rock special will be airing to hype up the huge match that has been a year in the making right before Wrestlemania 28.

One man who will also be on RAW this Monday will be the Miz. The sands of time are running out for the man who triumphed in the main event at Wrestlemania 27 last year. Can the Miz find a way onto the card despite weeks of failures? Or will the Awesome Superstar be forced to just merely observe Wrestlemania 28, just as a member of the WWE Universe would? Watch WWE RAW 3/26/12 to find out. All of the last minute hype for the showcase of immortals, for Wrestlemania 28 is coming at you live just six days before the show from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia.

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