Friday, March 23, 2012

8 Days Until Wrestlemania 28 Featuring Undertaker Versus Ric Flair

We are eight days and counting to Wrestlemania 28. As we do in fact know by now, it will be the Undertaker going one on one with Triple H. It will be truthfully be an end of the era, with the third time these two WWE Superstars have collided, this time within the confines of Hell in a Cell. Not to mention the special referee will be the one, the only, the showstopper, the headliner, the main event, the icon, Mr. Wrestlemania himself Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels is the show, he is the center of the show.

Undertaker has had many great matches at Wrestlemania. Let us take a look at another legendary match that the Undertaker has had against the legendary sixteen time former World Champion Ric Flair on March 17th 2002 in the Skydome in Toronto at Wrestlemania X-8. Undertaker week is winding to a close.

The Undertaker Versus Ric Flair at Wrestlemania X-8

Ric Flair had arrived in the World Wrestling Federation after the unfortunate Invasion Angle after the night of WWF Survivor Series 2001, as the fifty percent owner of the World Wrestling Federation. Around that time period, the Undertaker shifted to a heel, as Big Evil and went on a run as World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion. When Ric Flair got involved in the Undertaker's match with the Rock at WWF No Way Out 2002, the Undertaker decided to shift his sights to Ric Flair.

It would not be easy, with Ric Flair refusing to cave into the demands of the Undertaker for a match at Wrestlemania X-8. Indeed, someone refusing a match with the Undertaker, imagine that. Ric Flair refused to compete because he was an executive and thus retired. I know Ric Flair trying to act retired and not wrestling, imagine that. The Undertaker struck hard, taking out Ric Flair's good friend Arn Anderson and then beating up his son David Flair. Ric Flair was not going to take this laying down lightly. While Hogan versus the Rock was the big match, many fans were excited for the showdown between two legends with the Undertaker and Ric Flair.

Flair took the fight to the Undertaker in perhaps one of Flair's better matches in years. Yet the Undertaker, as always at Wrestlemania, would not go down. Even Arn Anderson running in and hitting his patented spinebuster on the Undertaker which was a markout moment for sure was not going to be enough. The Undertaker advanced his record to 10-0 against Ric Flair. The undefeated streak was getting a bit more press, a bit more prestigious, although it would really not kick up for a few more years until around 2005.

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